Monday, October 21, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #7 - 2013 Season

Russell Wilson Signed Photograph - 8x10 Rw Holo Id #62120The only thing that is predictable in the NFL is the unpredictability. The only consistency from week to week seems to be that the Kansas City Chiefs will win their games. Even Peyton wasn't predictable this week. It makes prognosticators like me go nuts.

I think the lack of predictability of NFL teams ads to excitement of the games. This was a very exciting week, even if not all my teams won.

Seattle Seahawks 34 at Arizona Cardinals 22
Seattle - Say hello to our QB Russell Wilson. Oh yeah! Did you see the complete opposite at the QB position between these teams? Ha ha ha.
Arizona - Carson sucks. Please get us a QB.

San Diego Chargers 24 at Jacksonville Jaguars 6
San Diego - Don't overlook us. We're coming after you.
Jacksonville - We're pathetic. We've scored a whopping 76 points in 7 games.

St. Louis Rams 15 at Carolina Panthers 30
St. Louis - See you next year.
Carolina - Cam is the man. 2 awesome performances in a row baby!

Chicago Bears 42 at the Washington Football Team 45
Chicago - Oh Jay, when you were in the game you threw an INT. The Bears need to cut their losses as far as Cutlet is concerned.
Washington - RG3 is almost playing like RG3. Watch out when this guy is 100% RG3.

Dallas Cowboys 17 at Philadelphia Eagles 7
Dallas - Good thing Romeo was playing the chickens on Sunday.
Philadelphia - So much for thinking that there is a better QB than Vick in Philly.

New England Patriots 27 at New York Jets 30
New England - Next week Bill will hand deliver a rule book to the zebras. Where are the replacements when we need them?
New York Jets - Thankfully we got a bunch of hack refs. That's the only way for us to beat the Patriots.

Buffalo Bills 23 at Miami Dolphins 21
Buffalo - Those minnows suck.
Miami - We need a franchise QB.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 at Detroit Lions 21
Cincinnati - We're going to Miami. We're going to Miami. Wait a minute...we're going to New Jersey.
Detroit - It's only a loss. Do you think we can win this division anyway?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23 at Atlanta Falcons at 31
Tampa Bay - Where's Josh? Oh yeah we dumped him.
Atlanta - We would be happy with our performance but it was against the Bucs. It doesn't mean much.

San Francisco 49ers 31 at Tennessee Titans 17
San Francisco - Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the best team in the NFC? Seattle.
Tennessee - We thought Jake would will us to victory. We actually had to try?

Baltimore Ravens 16 at Pittsburgh Steelers 19
Baltimore - Our man Joe wasn't terrible this week. He was average.
Pittsburgh - Thanks for the gift Baltimore.

Houston Texans 16 at Kansas City Chiefs 17
Houston - Keenum gave us a chance to win. Good bye Matt.
Kansas City - Let's count the ways why we're so happy. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 wins!!! Hey Philly, do you miss our man Andy yet?

Cleveland Browns 13 at Green Bay Packers 31
Cleveland - How the heck is Weeden and NFL QB? The guy is terrible.
Green Bay - That was an easy practice. Coach has to work us harder next practice.

Denver Broncos 33 at Indianapolis Colts 39
Denver - Oh Shucks. Peyton let the emotion get the best of him for 3 quarters and then he lit it up. Peyton is still the King.
Indianapolis - Our guy luck is the man!

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants - No comment!

This was another exciting week in the NFL. I'm sure that week 8 will be just as exciting and memorable.


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