Monday, October 14, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #6 - 2013 Season

Autographed Tom Brady Helmet - TriStarAs far as I'm concerned this week was a bust. That's because my Minnesota Vikings looked like they still had jet lag from their flight a couple of weeks ago from London. Too bad that it's not the jet lag that's causing their horrific playing.

Its simple what the cause of their poor playing is; they have a terrible coaching staff and except for about 3 or 4 players they have a roster that doesn't belong in the NFL.

Enough of my Minnesota Vikings rant. Let's get on with the NFL recap of week 6.

New York Giants 21 at Chicago Bears 27
New York - Eli, keep this up and you will have racked up as many interceptions as Peyton has thrown TDs.
Chicago - We played the Giants. We played the Giants. We beat the Giants.

St. Louis Rams 38 at Houston 13
St. Louis - That was easy. We didn't even break a sweat.
Houston - Our fans are classless and pathetic.

Washington Football Team 16 at Dallas Cowboys 31
Washington - Help!
Dallas - We didn't need Tony this week.

New Orleans Saints 27 at New England Patriots (30)
New Orleans - Did you see Rob Ryan with a few minutes left? He thought he won the game. Did you see him after Brady torched his defense with 5 seconds left for the game winning TD? He looked like he had food poisoning. Ha ha ha ha! That was classic.
New England - With three and a half minutes left, how do you throw an interception, give the ball back on downs and then score a TD on your third drive during that time to win the game? You have Tom Brady as your QB and the Saints defense as your opponent. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Arizona Cardinals 20 at San Francisco 49ers 32
Arizona - Hey Carson, you have to stop throwing INTs.
San Francisco - Our QB is better than your QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars 19 at Denver Broncos 35
Jacksonville - They only scored 35 points! You're serious! Oh yeah!
Denver - We were on cruise control all the way. Was that our bye week?

Tennessee Titans 13 at Seattle 30
Tennessee - When is Locker coming back?
Seattle - We feasted on Fitzy today!

Cincinnati Bengals (27) at Buffalo Bills (24)
Cincinnati - Road win, road win, road win!
Buffalo - Are you kidding me?

Detroit Lions (31) at Cleveland 17
Detroit - Any doubters?
Cleveland - All good things come to an end. Let the bad times roll.

Oakland Raiders (7) at Kansas City Chiefs 24
Oakland - Just when you think we have our franchise QB he goes and lays and egg by throwing 3 INTs.
Kansas City Chiefs - How many wins is that? You said 6? How many losses? None? Oh baby!

Carolina Panthers 35 at Minnesota Vikings (10)
Carolina - Shhh. Cam Newton isn't that good. The Vikings made him look like a good QB.
Minnesota - Who cares!

Pittsburgh Steelers 19 at New York Jets 6
Pittsburgh - We beat an NFL team. It must have been a Rex Ryan coached team. LOL.
New York - Geno you aren't a good QB. Atlanta just made you look like one.

Philadelphia Eagles 31 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20
Philadelphia - Nick Foles might be the guy! Reality check. He only beat the Bucs.
Tampa Bay - Hey Schiano, the problem wasn't Freeman. Take a look in the mirror to see who it is and was.

Green Bay Packers (19) at Baltimore (17)
Green Bay - Who said we couldn't win in Baltimore?
Baltimore - Overrated.

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Charges (will be updated after Monday Night Football).

So there you have it. Another week and another recap. Two teams are still undefeated: Jacksonville and New York Giants. Which team will win first? Which team will even win a game? How many more INTs will Eli Manning throw? I don't have answers to those questions but we'll find out as the season progresses.

Rob Ryan

What best describes Rob Ryan at the ned of the Patriots game?

He's going to hurl
He's just seen a ghost
Get the man some help
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