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NFL Recap - Week #5 - 2013 Season

Peyton Manning Autographed Picture - 11x14 Psa dna #t18677Some things never change week to week. The Jaguars are the lock of the week for any team that plays them and the Giants...well they suck. Eli is having a tough year. Just think about the difference between Eli's season and Peyton's season so far.

Peyton Manning has 20 TDs (count them...20) and only 1 interception. Eli on the other hand has only 8 TDS but a league leading 12 INTs.

Now for the recap.

Buffalo Bills (24) at Cleveland Browns (37)
Buffalo - Who the heck is Tuel? Boy the Bills are in trouble without Manuel.
Cleveland - Are there any doubters now? I didn't hear you!

Denver Broncos (51) at Dallas Cowboys (48)
Denver - Just try stopping Peyton. Especially if you give him the ball with less than 2 minutes left in the game.
Dallas - You're telling me that 48 points wasn't enough to beat those guys. That's crazy!

Carolina Panthers (6) at Arizona Cardinals (22)
Carolina - Note to Management: Cam sucks.
Arizona - Thankfully we played the Panthers.

New Orleans Saints (26) at Chicago Bears (18)
New Orleans - Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.
Chicago - Cutler is terrible!

New England Patriots (6) at Cincinnati Bengals (13)
New England - This game was so boring it made our guy Tom go to sleep.
Cincinnati - Now if only we can win on the road.

Detroit Lions (9) at Green Bay Packers (22)
Detroit - Can we get a break at Lambeau?
Green Bay - The Kitty Cats can't beat us at Lambeau.

Kansas City Chiefs (26) at Tennessee Titans (17)
Kansas City - We're Andy's Team. We're on our way. Yes we are.
Tennessee - And you thought we could win without Locker?

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts
Seattle - We can't win them all. We're still the best team in the NFC.
Indianapolis - Don't forget about Luck. All he's doing lately is winning!

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams
Jacksonville - You want to know something? We suck. Can we just take a loss for next week's game?
St. Louis - The Jaguars make us look good.

Baltimore Ravens (26) at Miami Dolphins (23)
Baltimore - So you think Flacco sucks? Yes. He had another bad game!
Miami - We had this game...In the first half.

Philadelphia Eagle (36) s at New York Giants (21)
Philadelphia - Thanks Eli for those interceptions.
New York Giants - 3 interceptions on 9 throwing attempts. 3 INTs on 3 consecutive drives? That's atrocious.

Houston Texans (3) at San Francisco Giants (34)
Houston - C'Mon Schaub.
We kicked butt even though our QB had another bad game. The Texans made it easy for us.

San Diego Chargers (17) at Oakland Raiders (27)
San Diego - But for 3 INTs Rivers would have had a good game.
Oakland - We've found our QB. Yes we have.

New York Jets (30) at Atlanta Falcons (28)
New York Jets - We have a quarterback. No more butt fumbler.
Atlanta - Mike smith is a dipstick and our defense is atrocious!

See you next week for another recap.

Sources: (Passing Stats)

Eli Manning 3 Interceptions

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