Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mike Yeo is proving to be a dunce

Mike Yeo signed Minnesota Wild 8x10 photoIn the past few weeks with his team having difficulty scoring goals, Yeo had said that the team had to figure out ways to score more goals. He seemed frustrated with his team’s inability to score
Today Mike Yeo said that defense should be the main focus for the Wild and while it would be nice to have a good offense the focus should be in defense.

He also said that it was unlikely that the Wild would be a top defense in the NHL. Is he on crack cocaine? Why would the Wild go after Zach Parise and sign him to a 110 million dollar contract if the team was focused on defense and not offense? Why did they go after Jason Pominville?

Maybe the owner should sit this yutz down and read him the riot act. Maybe Mike Yeo is in over his head and doesn't have any answers to the team’s offensive struggles. Maybe he’s unwilling to search for answers.

When your head coach gives up on your team’s ability to score goals the players will follow that lead. Why should they try scoring goals? They can now focus solely on defense and how to win 1-0 nothing games.

This is insane and extremely frustrating for me. I’ve written extensively about the Wild’s inability to score. I don’t think they can make the playoffs if they are solely a one dimensional team and even if they do make the playoffs they will not go very far in the extremely competitive Western Conference.

I think Yeo's comments are reason enough to fire him but if that's not enough, his team's struggles at the offensive game should help. The Wild have tried since last season to break away from being a defensive team to one that can score as well. They made acquisitions that should have helped the team reach that goal.

It's becoming obvious that Mike Yeo wasn't on board with that approach. It's no wonder why the team has struggled scoring goals. Yeo couldn't care about that. It seems all he cares about is defense.

It think that all that the Wild's management should care about now is booting Yeo's backside out of town. He's not fit to be a head coach in the NHL. They guy is a clown. He's a joke and a sorry excuse for an NHL head coach.

I'm going to stop my tirade now. I'm getting too worked up talking about the loser Yeo. The Wild won 3-1 1 goal was an empty net) on Thursday night.

Mike Yeo

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