Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is There Anything Working For The Minnesota Vikings?

Is there anything that's working for the Minnesota Vikings? In a nutshell the answer is No! That was obvious after watching the Minnesota Vikings embarrass themselves at hone to the Carolina Panthers Sunday afternoon.

The blame has to go to the coaching staff for terrible game planning. It didn't seem like the clueless Leslie Frazier or his inept staff had a decent game plan today. The first half was a joke and the second was even worse. The Vikings lost 35-10.

Do Leslie Frazier and his band of clowns know how to make adjustments during the game and at half time? It doesn't look like it.

Why am I blaming the coaches and not the pathetic football players that take the field? At some point the coaching staff and team management needs to take the blame for putting incapable football players on the field week after week.

The running game, except for one or two good plays was atrocious but we can't blame AP. He was dealing with the death of his son. It was amazing that he even took the field.

Matt Cassell was ineffective but Bill Musgrave called a terrible game. The guy let this team down today. Musgrave's offensive game plan was atrocious. It was terrible. It was a joke. It was a game plan that an amateur would put together.

Leslie Frazier is supposed to be a defensive guy but in every game this year the Vikings defense has been terrible. The defense has been a liability. I could go on and on about how bad this defense is but I would burst a blood vessel.

After the Vikings fell behind by 25 points midway through the 3rd quarter the Vikings made a few plays but any team can make a couple of plays during garbage time.

When you put a terrible offense and defense on the field, you should expect a disaster and that's what the Minnesota Vikings were today.

Game Note: Cam Newton looked like a superstar on Sunday. It's hard to know if he was good or if the Vikings defense is terrible. Actually it's not hard to tell at all. The Vikings defense is a joke.

Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers

Who was to blame for the Vikings loss on Sunday?

Vikings defense
Vikings offense
Vikings coaching staff
Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton
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