Friday, October 4, 2013

Is Alex Rodriguez a Lying Cheating Piece of Garbage?

Alex Rodriguez Suing MLB

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What does someone do when they are liars, cheaters and scumbags? What do these scumbags do when they are caught cheating and lying? In my opinion they sue the very people who bring evidence that supports those pathetic and evil actions.

Do I know of anyone who fits that bill? In my opinion the piece of horse manure known as Alex Rodriguez fits that bill to a T. Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball because he thinks that they are using improper evidence to ruin his reputation.

Is this guy kidding himself? He must know that the evidence presented in his appeal is iron clad. I believe he knows he cheated and lied. Instead of being a decent human being I believe that this complete and utter lowlife is suing other people for his nefarious actions.

I better watch out. This lowlife might sue me? OK Alex, It's just my opinion based on what I've read. I'm using common sense. Alex, I believe you're either the dumbest person or just a plain old creep. You are killing your image, not MLB. You're the one who makes yourself look like a villain. You're the one that makes yourself look like a piece of cow dung.

I admit that I hate Alex Rodriguez. I'm entitled to that opinion. I'm entitled to believe that I think Aroid is a liar. I'm entitled to believe that Adud is a scumbag. I'm entitled to believe that Afraud is an evil, immoral, and unethical person. That's my opinion.

I don't believe that there is anything good about Rodriguez. I believe that he exhibits no redeeming qualities. I believe that Rodriguez is void of common sense. I believe that he's void of decency.

I believe that Roidriguez wants to blame and destroy everyone else but himself for his unethical and destructive behavior.

Instead of admitting that he cheated and lied, I believe he wants to sue everyone that wants to prove he cheated. He makes Lance Armstrong look like an angel. Didn't Lance sue people because they had evidence that he cheated?

When Lance looks in the mirror these days, he sees Alex Rodriguez staring right back at him. That Alex Rodriguez in the mirror has a big grin and winks back at Lance. OK, Roid, this is satire. Roid, please don't take this seriously. Roid, please don't think that this is factual.

I have to tell you that this is a my opinion and not fact because I believe that your brain is so small that you can't comprehend common sense.

I wish this piece of scum would disappear into the sunset and leave us all alone. Maybe MLB fans should sue Roid for fraud and stealing. That's what I believe he did. I believe he stole from Yankees fans that paid to see him play the game.

This guy deserves no mercy. He deserves to have the book thrown at him and in his case that book would be for the MLB arbitrator to uphold his suspension.

So is Alex Rodriguez a lying cheating piece of garbage? I think he is.

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