Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inability to Capitalize on their Chances Costs the Minnesota Wild

Autographed Niklas Backstrom Photograph - 8X10 w COAI'm going to make this report short and sweet. The Wild lost 3-2 in the Shootout tonight. The team's inability to capitalize on their chances cost them tonight. Yes it's only the first game of the season but there are things that are looking similar to last year.

The first line was brutal tonight. These guys are supposed to be our bread and butter but the butter was missing tonight. They had some chances but their lack of ability to net a goal tonight cost the Wild.

This is a recurring issue for the Wild. For a few years now this team has had trouble scoring more than two goals in a game. Tonight was the same. It's extremely frustrating being a Wild fan. This is a team that dominated the game and held on to the lead until about six minutes to play.

Then they went in to the tank, laid back and allowed the powerful Kings to tie the game. The Wild did absolutely nothing in Overtime. They looked like a bunch of clowns on skates. The Wild did what the Kings wanted at that point and that was to go to a shootout.

The Wild's Zack Parise and Mikko Koivu were terrible in the shootout. They embarrassed themselves. This team allowed the game to slip away. Their so called stars can't score. I have very little confidence that Wild fans will witness a new found ability for this team's top players to be able to put the puck in the back of the net.

I think the top line should be demoted and the second line promoted. The second line did all the work tonight and did their job and earned their salaries. This would be a dramatic move after the first game of the season but a message needs to be sent to these overpaid underachievers. They are paid to score. I want to see them do that.

OK, I was a little harsh with my report but I'm sick and tired of the Wild being unable to score on their chances. It's the same thing year in year out. They're supposed to have proven stars who can score goals. I want them to do that!

Wild Star of the Game
Niklas Backstrom - Niklas made some big saves tonight and allowed his useless teammates to get a point tonight. It looks like Niklas will be called upon to bail these losers out night after night.

Minnesota Wild Game #1

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