Saturday, October 5, 2013

In a Word - Sports Week in Review for Week Ending Saturday October 5th, 2013

There were some interesting articles this week and one story that showed how idiotic Alex Rodriguez is. The In a Word column is a recap of the past week with one unique aspect. I recap the top stories in one word. The only common theme is the two MLB recaps. The individuals involved in those stories are degenerates.

So here I go...

Peyton Manning - Perfect.

Joe Flacco - Interceptions

NFL - Diabolical

Donte Whitner - Hitner

Matt Flynn - Third

Jim Boeheim - Word

Manchester City - Destroyed

Patrick Roy - Crazy

Josh Freeman - Unemployed

Chad Curtis - Sicko

Alex Rodriguez - Scumbag

Dwight Howard - Dumb?

So those are the stories that we followed from last week. There's always a guy or two that makes us wonder if they have anything between their ears. I'll let you decide if anyone fits the bill this week.

In a Word October 5th

Which was your favorite story from this past week?

Peyton Manning
Joe Flacco
Donte Whitner
Matt Flynn
Jim Boeheim
Manchester City
Patrick Roy
Josh Freeman
Alex Rodriguez
Dwight Howard
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