Monday, October 28, 2013

Does Leslie Frazier Believe The Garbage That He Spews?

Signed Leslie Frazier Photo - 8x10 Jsa Hologram Minnesota Vikings Coach Ph2Does Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier really believe the garbage that he spews when he answers the media's questions? I don't think so but if he is, he is even more incompetent of a head coach than I already think he is.

This afternoon I had the displeasure of listening to Frazier on KFAN answering a question from the media regarding which quarterback (QB) will start on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Leslie ruled out one QB right of the bat and that guy is Matt Cassell.

When prompted further about Ponder being in the mix; Frazier responded that he saw some good things from Ponder. He said that Ponder showed some confidence and made some good decisions. Was Frazier watching the same game that other Vikings fans were watching last night? Did he see the same game that a national audience watched on Sunday night?

It doesn't look like it. Ponder didn't look comfortable at all last night or any other game that he's played in for the Vikings. Ponder was awful and a number of times he failed to realize that one of his wide receivers was wide open without a defender near them. On those occasions he panicked and threw the ball away.

He also cowered like a sissy a couple of times, taking sacks and missing the fact that there was an open receiver. Ponder is a joke and the fact that he will either start or be the backup in the game against the Cowboys a travesty. He shouldn't be on the sidelines ever again for this team.

The Vikings will have two of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL on the sideline on Sunday. I guess Leslie Frazier wants Vikings fans to see how much worse this terrible team can play.

From the standpoint of wanting the Vikings to get the best draft pick they can in the 2014 draft, both Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder give the Vikings an excellent chance of losing games. Maybe Frazier is on to something there. Unfortunately for the guy, he will be fired at the end of the season.

Cassell is the most competent QB on the Vikings roster but I guess that automatically disqualifies a guy from playing on the worst Vikings team in the history of the organization.

So I ask you again; does Leslie believe the garbage that he spews week in and week out? I'm not sure. It's hard to believe that he does. Maybe he should watch the tapes of his comments to listen to what he told the media. He will see that he sounds like a clown.

I really don't want to see Ponder take the field for the Vikings again. He doesn't belong in the NFL as a starter. He is awful. He is atrocious. The guy is not a competent QB. He just doesn't get it. It's time for another team and their fans to have the joy of watching Ponder stink up the field.

Ponder can take Frazier and the rest of the Vikings coaches with him. That way another team, another city and other fans can feel what Vikings fans are feeling.

Leslie Frazier has taken incompetence to a whole new level. In 2011 Frazier tied Les Steckel for the having the worst record in Vikings history. That was Frazier's first year (2011). This year Frazier can set the record and have that record all to himself. Yikes! This Vikings team is a joke.


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