Monday, September 2, 2013

The New York Jets Solve Their Quarterback Woes?

Article by Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

It's been a terrible run for the Jets at the quarterback (QB) position. They started the preseason with the butt fumbler Mark Sanchez and the newly drafted Geno Smith. It was a tight battle between the inept QBs but Sanchez seemed to have the nod as the starter. That was until Rex Ryan put Sanchez in the 4th quarter of a meaningless game. Sanchez was hurt in that game.

That vaulted Geno Smith to the number one position at QB, a guy who isn't ready for the role. As insurance the Jets signed Graham Harrell who had been cut by the Green Packers. The Jets seemed to be getting everything wrong at QB. Their inept ability to fix the quarterback issues was evident to everyone around them but the people making the decisions for Gang Green.

Then today the Jets made a blockbuster signing. Had they solved their QB woes? Had they finally seen the light? Not exactly. They signed Brady Quinn ( who was released by the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend.

Brady Quinn is terrible. They guy hasn't established himself as a competent QB. He's awful and that's why he is perfect for the Jets. If you're an incompetent and terrible quarterback, send your credentials to the New York Jets. You're sure to find a home with them.

Don't take my word for that Quinn is not a good QB. Here are some of his stats (provided by
Games - 24
Completion/Attempts - 296/550
Completion % - 53.8
TDs/INTs - 12/17
Highest QB rating in a season - 43.15

I know that statistics aren't everything. You have to take a look at his performance on the field as other factors are present. If you do that you will see an even worse product on the field. Quinn's statistics flatter him, his play on the field doesn't.

Once again it looks like Rex Ryan and company made a decision out of desperation and not with a level head. They made this decisive out of panic and not common sense. The Jets keep on surprising NFL fans and not in a good way.

Just when we think the Jets have made the worst move possible they go ahead and make an even worse decision. This move to acquire Quinn does nothing to improve their depth chart or their standing at QB. All it does is continue to draw attention to a position that the Jets have no clue about.

It's sad when an NFL team doesn't have a clue at improving their offense. It's sad when a head coach doesn't have an idea how to fix a very real and obvious problem at QB. It's unfortunate that the Jets are an NFL team. They don't act like one.

Jets Sign Brady Quinn

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