Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings are an Embarassment to their Fans

Minnesota Vikings NFL: Adrian PetersonThe Minnesota Vikings played a close game against the Detroit Lions they should have been blown away. But for the errors by Detroit another terrible team, the Vikings could have lost by 20 to 30 points on Sunday in Detroit. One thing is obvious to me, the Vikings are terrible team and an embarrassment to their fans.

Let's start with the defense. They couldn't stop anything and were bailed out numerous times by Detroit boneheaded plays and some luck. The defense couldn't stop the passing attack of Stafford and the combined running and receiving by Reggie Bush. Bush was spectacular today and made the Minnesota defense look like it belonged in Pop Warner football.

Then there's the offense. Adrian Peterson had one good play and it came on his first rush of the game. It was a 78 yard scamper for a TD. After that good run, AP was held to 15 yards on 17 carries. That's not good enough for the Vikings. AP has to carry the load on this team.

AP did score 3 TDs (2 receiving and one receiving). So he did have a decent game. If it weren’t for Jerome (we'll talk about Jerome later) Simpson and AP, the Vikings wouldn’t even be able to minimally compete on offense.

Why is that? That's because Christian Ponder is a terrible quarterback. I question the Leslie Frazier and the Vikings having confidence in this guy. He made a number of terrible plays that cost his team the game. The worst play was Ponder throwing an interception while he was under pressure. He threw an in ill-advised pass across his body that he tried to throw out of bounds but he was intercepted.1

That led to a Detroit touchdown just before the half. Detroit drew to 1 point behind the Vikings. It was the turning point of the game. Instead of entering the locker room at half time being down 14-6 they were only down 14-13.

Ponder does not belong in the NFL. He is a yutz (clutz, dumkoff, nincompoop). If anyone thought that Mark Sanchez was a bust, Viking fans just have to look at their own team's QB and realize that this guy is a disaster on the field.

If you don't believe me about how terrible this guy was today then checks out at his game stats. Ponder went 18/28 for 236 yards, 1 TD and 3 INT's and 1 lost fumble. His rating was 63.1. That's just terrible. Ponder has been known as a turnover machine and that didn't change. Many of his turnovers are idiotic and this guy needs to be shipped out of town immediately. He sucks!

The only guy today that held his own and that I have confidence in is receiver Jerome Simpson who had 7 receptions for 140 yards.

I'm going to say this now; if the Vikings don't make a change at quarterback, they don't have a chance at making the playoffs.

Final Score: Detroit Lions 34 Minnesota Vikings 24.

The Vikings are at Chicago next week, so chalk at up to 0-2 to start the season. Skol VIKINGS!!!

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit

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