Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Eagles Offense Wasn't Flying High on Thursday Night

We've all heard about the Eagles high flying offense. They were expected to fly high Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs. The problem for Philadelphia is that their offense didn't show up. This was a close football game until the 4th quarter when Alex Smith and company went on an 8+ minute drive with about 11:30 left in the game.

A lot of credit has to go to the Eagles offense. They kept Philadelphia in the game as long as they can into the 4th quarter but the offense did absolutely squat.

Michael Vick couldn't do anything all game long. The whole offense except for LeSean McCoy who ran for 150+ yards and 1 TD. Michael Vick threw 2 INTs tonight, one for a pick six. The Eagles turned over the ball a lot in the first half and that seemed to kill their chances of getting into gear.

Vick threw for 201 yards and went 13/30 passing with 2 INTs and 1 TD. His rating was 49.4.

We saw why the Kansas City Chief's defense was ranked 3rd in the NFL coning into the game. They did a great job keeping the Eagles so called high flying offense in check and were opportunistic when the Eagles turned over the ball

We were led to believe that Chip Kelly was holding back some plays in the first two games. We were led to believe that the Eagles would be showcasing those plays. They were nowhere to be found. High Flying? It was more like the bird didn't even take off.

While Alex Smith didn't have a spectacular night, he did what he needed to do. He didn't have any turnovers and when he was called upon to seal the deal he did so. Alex doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't fumble or throw interceptions. He's a mistake free QB.

Alex might not have the flash that some starters have but he's a winner and he's dependable. That 8+ minute drive in the 4th quarter was a thing of beauty. He threw for 273 yards and went 22/35 passing with 0 TDs and O INTs. His rating was 87.0.

It doesn't get any easier for the Eagles. They fly west for Denver with a match up with Peyton Manning and his Broncos. The Eagles could easily find themselves 1-3 by the end of week #4.

I think we can now take the Kansas City Chiefs seriously. They have a great defense and a QB who can keep things in check, lead his team on key drives when it counts and doesn't turn over the ball.

Andy Reid flew into Philadelphia in what was an emotional return to the city and left with a big victory and a 3-0 record in his pocket. Reid deserves a lot of credit. I didn't expect him to start out 3-0. The only victory that I thought they would have in the first 3 weeks was the Jacksonville game.

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