Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rio Here We Come! USA Defeats Mexico

Landon Donovan Autographed Photograph - Usa Olympic World Cup 8x10 CYou could feel the tension as the match got under way. Team USA's arch rival Mexico was in Columbus in a World Cup qualifier. On the line was a Team USA berth to next year's World Cup in Brazil. With a loss, Team USA would still have a decent chance at qualifying for World Cup 2014.

For Mexico this was a must win. This is a team in turmoil. With a loss, Mexico would be one step closer to watching the World Cup on their couches.

The match started off slowly for the home team. Mexico was taking it to Team USA but you had this feeling that if Mexico didn't get a goal in the first 20 or so minutes, Team Mexico would be in panic mode. They didn't and after 20 minutes Team USA started to settle in. The first half ended with the teams knotted at 0-0.

Then the second half started and Team USA came out with a purpose. They were ready to take care of business and finish off their arch rival. The fans were sensing something was about happen. They were cheering our boys on. Oh yeah, you could feel it.

Then in the 49th minute with a corner kick taken by Landon Donovan, his kick found the beautiful head of our guy Eddie Johnson. Johnson headed the ball into the net for a Team USA goal and lead.

That's all the USA needed. They would go into defense mode, making sure the hapless Mexico squad would do nothing to change the outcome of the match. That was true. Mexico showed little resolve or ability to score a goal.

Sure they had a couple of feeble attempts but nothing special or scary. The score stayed 1-0 until the 78th minute when Landon Donovan scored a goal of his own. That was all she wrote. Mexico was sent home with another failure notched on their belts.

It was a great outcome but a berth in Rio was not sealed. We were close but we had to wait about a 45 minutes for the result of the Honduras Panama match. All Team USA needed was for Honduras to tie or win the match.

Honduras tied Panama and Team USA's berth in Brazil was set. This is an exciting time for our boys. Mexico has been the top dog in CONCACAF. That's not true any more. Team USA can now claim that title. They are Kings of CONCACAF.

Team Mexico still has a chance at qualifying but they have a tough task ahead of them and they don't have any wiggle room left any more. They are under enormous pressure from back home and that pressure is about to boil over. I'm not sure that they will have the resolve to turn their fortunes around.

Source: ESPN.com.

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