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Ranking the NFL's Five Worst Quarterbacks - Week #3

Now for something completely different. Usually quarterback rankings rate the top quarterbacks (QB) but we've decided to rank the worst quarterbacks. In fact we will rank the five quarterbacks that we think are at the bottom of the barrel. You know the ones? Yes, they are the ones that stink up the field every week and not only provide your team with very little chances of winning but might actually sabotage those chances.

Without further ado, here are the five worst QBs as ranked by

Geno Smith Autographed New York Jets 8x10 Rookie Photo - Panini Hologram COA#5 Geno Smith - New York Jets (2-1)
Geno has to be on the list by virtue of his interceptions (6) to Touchdown (3) ratio. Of all the QBs on this list I believe Geno has the best chances of being a decent starting QB in the NFL. The kid is a rookie and has led his team to a 2-1 record.

He's shown flashes of being able to lead his team but he has to keep the turnovers at a minimum. When he faces better teams and defenses those turnovers will hurt the New York Jets.

Geno's 2013 Passing Stats (courtesy of - Completion percentage (53.9%), 3 TDs, 6 INTs. Geno has passed for an average of 267 yards per game.

#4 Chad Henne - Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3)
I feel sorry for Chad. He plays on the worst team in the NFL and by the end of this year they might be the worst team in NFL history. On another team, Chad might fare a little better.

The problem is that when Chad was with the Miami Dolphins he didn't do well at all. He had issues moving the team, up and down the field and he threw more interceptions than TDs.

I just don't see Chad being able to be anything but a backup for any team other than the Jaguars.

Henne's 2013 stats are - Completion percentage (56.1%), 1 TD, 2 INTs. He's passed for an average of 171 yards per game.

#3 Brian Hoyer - Cleveland Browns (1-2)
Despite Hoyer leading the Browns to an improbable game winning drive against the hapless Minnesota Vikings, Browns fans shouldn't get their hopes up. When Hoyer faces half decent defenses he will have major issues.

Hoyer threw too many interceptions on Sunday and as I said, if he had faced a good defense the Browns would have been obliterated in that game.

It was the third straight week that the Vikings defense has allowed their opponents to march the field for game winning drives. I should have seen that coming!

Hoyer has played in only one game this year, so his statistics aren't relevant yet!

#2 Christian Ponder - Minnesota Vikings (0-3)
If we're honest Ponder hasn't shown promise ever. He's been a terrible quarterback who makes horrible decisions. He seems to be confused on the field. He makes egregious errors in critical moments of the game.

Case in point was the end of last Sunday's game against the Browns. With time running out he threw an ill-advised pass into the middle of the field and it was a short pass. Then he was sacked on the last play of the game.

It's been said from day one that Ponder needs to work on his errors, especially turning over the ball. That message hasn't sunk in and in my opinion it never will. Ponder has thrown only 2 TDs in 3 game but he's thrown 5 INTs.

Ponder's stats - Completion Percentage (59%), 2 TDs, 5 INT's. He's thrown for an average of 230 yards per game.

#1 Josh Freeman - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3)
Josh is on his way to having the worst season of his career. What seemed like a promising career a couple of years ago seems to a thing of the past. Freeman doesn't seem to be a good leader but it's not all his fault. With a head coach like the Buccaneers have, it would be hard for most QBs to be successful.

There's not much more to be said about Freeman. He should be dumped soon.

Freeman's stats - Completion Percentage (45.7%), 2 TDs, 3 INTs. Freeman has thrown for an average of 190 yards per game.

Update: Freeman is being benched for the next game against the Arizona Cardinals. It seems as if Freeman's days with the Bucs is near it's end. Rookie Mike Glennon will get the start.

There you have it. This week's five worst quarterbacks in the NFL. All these gentlemen will have to do a lot better next week to try and break out of the doldrums and the bottom five.

Stats courtesy of

Worst NFL QBs Week #3

Which quarterback do you think is the worst?

Geno Smith
Chad Henne
Brian Hoyer
Christian Ponder
Josh Freeman
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