Friday, September 6, 2013

Peyton is Amazing and Danny Trevathan is a Clown

Article by Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Peyton Manning made history once again on Thursday night. He threw 7 touchdowns to lead the Broncos to a victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Peyton Manning was incredible tonight. He lit up the porous defense of the Ravens and made his counterpart Joe Flacco look like an overpaid quarterback.

Denver Broncos - Sept 9, 2012: Peyton Manning
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Joe Flacco wasn't good at all tonight. He didn't take control of this game when he could have in the first half and he the two interceptions.

Why should I talk about Flacco? He was a non-issue tonight. We should be talking only about Peyton Manning, Wes Welker (2 TDs) , Demaryius Thomas (2 TDs), Julius Thomas (2 TDs) and the Denver Broncos defense.

The Broncos offense is set to be truly amazing in 2013. They will be a fun bunch to watch.  What's surprising is the team's defense. With a couple of key players out of the lineup, Von Miller (suspended) being a big one; I thought that the Broncos defense would have more trouble against the Ravens. They didn't have problems at all. They were a dominant group and seemed to confuse Flacco all night long.

Are the ravens overrated? Who knows but Flacco and company will have to do better next time around.

Then there's the clown Danny Trevathan who nearly singlehandedly sabotaged his team's chances of winning the game. If this numskull wanted his few minutes of fame he sure got it on Thursday night. With just under 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter Tevathan intercepted a Joe Flacco pass for what should have been a pick six.

What happened next was completely ridiculous. This moron tried to celebrate too early and purposefully dropped the ball on the 1 yard line, thinking he was in the end zone. The ball went out of the end zone for a touchback. The Broncos would have taken a 32 point lead (with a converted extra point) and solidified a victory for Denver.

The Ravens went on to score after getting the ball on their 20 yard line. It was a 14 point swing. All the momentum swung to the Ravens. It's the type of play that's inexcusable at this level. Only complete and utter idiots would do what Trevathan did.

He was trying to showboat but instead looked like a fool on national TV. Congratulations Danny, your lifelong dream of being in the circus has just come true. I think this guy should be benched for a few games. He needs to learn his lesson.

There's no place for these type of foolish antics in the NFL. The only way that players will learn their lesson is for teams to fine, bench or suspend players who do these types of things.

What was Danny thinking? What was going through this numbskull's head? Nothing. It must have been pure air. This guy is a dodo. He's a laughable person. It's hard to take this guy serious.

The Broncos did salt away the victory a couple of drives after Danny's debacle when Peyton threw his 7th touchdown of the game. That 7th touchdown pass tied him for the NFL record for touchdowns thrown in a game.

Lucky for Danny that there is a legend on his team that could bail him out of a terrible mess. Yes, Peyton Manning was great tonight. Thanks to Peyton's great game it will overshadow Danny's boneheaded play.

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Peyton Manning's 7 TDs
Denver's defense
Joe Flacco's poor performance
Baltimore Ravens poor perfromance
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