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NFL Recap - Week #3 - 2013 Season

This was the week of the weird, the whacky and the upset. It was also a week when 6 teams (Denver at 2-0 will play on Monday night). It was a fun week of football and also an extremely frustrating one if you are a Vikings fan. So let's recap the week!

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City - Andy! Andy! Andy!
Philadelphia - Get this college junk out of here. This is the NFL.

Andy Dalton Autographed Photo - 8x10 GAGreen Bay Packers (30) at Cincinnati Bengals (34)
Green Bay - What just happened? We just gave this one away.
Cincinnati - Fummmbbbblllle! We win. We win. We win!

St. Louis Rams (7) at Dallas Cowboys (31)
St. Louis - This is the real Rams and don't you let us forget that!
Dallas - Do you believe in us yet? Do you?

San Diego Chargers (17) at Tennessee Titans (20)
San Diego- Jake Locker just outplayed me?
Tennessee - We're not pushovers. We can play this game.

Cleveland Browns (31) at Minnesota Vikings (27)
Cleveland - Fake it, fake it. Yeah baby!
Minnesota - How many fakes did we get beaten on? We're not playing like a professional football team are we? We're off to London for a Vaca.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3) at New England Patriots (23)
Tampa Bay - So is this the week that coach Schiano will be fired?
New England - Problems? What problems? We're 3-0.

Arizona Cardinals (7) at New Orleans Saints (31)
Arizona - So how is it that you lose the game before you even step on the field? You have to be the Cardinals.
New Orleans - There's a Brees coming. Better look out!

Detroit Lions (27) at The Washington Football Team (20)
Detroit - We're not as good as our record. Just believe us when we say that. You'll see.
Washington - I'm not a drop back quarterback (QB). Do you understand that Jim?

New York Giants (doughnut) at Carolina Panthers (38)
New York - The Jets are New York's team now! That is embarrassing.
Carolina - We scored 38 points in an NFL game? That's a bad team we played.

Houston Texans (9) at Baltimore Ravens (30)
Houston - Arian was so bad today but we can forgive him. He was only looking for spare change to buy some food. He's hungry man!
Baltimore - Just wait until we get some of our starters back and rolling!

Atlanta Falcons (23) at Miami Dolphins (27)
Atlanta - ColdlLanta.
Miami - 3-0, 3-0. Will members of the 16-0 Dolphins be happy when we go undefeated?

Buffalo Bills (20) at New York Jets (27)
Buffalo - Reality has just sunk in. We're the Bills after all.
New York Jets - We're the kings of NY/NJ baby!

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers
Indianapolis - You should have kept Alex Smith.
San Francisco - Your QB is better than our QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars (17) at Seattle Seahawks (45)
Jacksonville - We scored 17 points? Yes, we scored 17 points!
Seattle - We could have scored 100 points today but we decided to take it easy for two thirds of the game!

Chicago Bears (40) at Pittsburgh Steelers (23)
Chicago - You see what a CFL coach can do? Do you see this?
Pittsburgh - We scored 47 points on offense. Wait a minute, 24 of those points were points by the Bears off turnovers.

Oakland Raiders (21) at Denver Broncos (37)
Oakland - Let's just try and keep the score respectable. You know we can't stop Manning.
Denver - Let's go out their and set another record. Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!

It's going to be tough for the NFL to match this week's excitement and wackiness but I'm sure they'll figure out a way to do that.

NFL Recap Week #3

Which was the biggest upset?

Cleveland defeating Minnesota
Cincinnati defeating Green Bay
Carolina defeating NYG
Indianapolis defeating San Francisco
Jacksonville scoring 17 points
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