Monday, September 16, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #2 - 2013 Season

Welcome to week #2's NFL recap. It was another fun week in the NFL. There were a number nail biters, game winning drives and plays. Many of the games were close, exciting and fun to watch. Sit back and enjoy the recap.

New York Jets (10) at New England Patriots (13) 
New York - Why do we look so bad playing the Patriots? Maybe Geno isn't our man.
New England - We're 2-0 and we've sucked in the first two weeks. Can you imagine how good we will be when Tom Brady and his receivers figure things out?

Matt Ryan Unsigned Atlanta Falcons Red Jersey 16x20 PhotoSt. Louis Rams (24) at Atlanta Falcons (31)
St. Louis - That one stinking INT is going to haunt me. Don't worry Sam, you had a good game.
Atlanta - You better watch out for our guy Matt.

Carolina Panthers (23) at Buffalo Bills (24)
Buffalo - That was amazing. Did you see that amazing finish?
Carolina - We can't buy a break.

Minnesota Vikings (30) at Chicago Bears (31)
Minnesota - Where's our Defense? Where is it when we need it?
Chicago - You have to love Jay's game winning drives baby!

Washington Football Team (20) at Green Bay Packers (38)
Washington - Do you think RG3 should have played a little bit of the preseason?
Green Bay - 146 rating. 480 yards passing. 4 TDS. Do you think Mr. Double Check is on fire?

Miami Dolphins (24) at Indianapolis Colts (20)
Miami - Can you believe we're 2-0? Yeah baby. Tannehill's our guy.
Indianapolis - Luck was not on our side today.

Dallas Cowboys (16) at Kansas City Chiefs (17)
Dallas - One step forward and two steps backwards.
Kansas City - The sky's the limit with Alex and Andy on our side. 2-0! 2-0!

Cleveland Browns (6) at Baltimore Ravens (14)
Cleveland - Do we really suck? Yes you do.
Baltimore - Joe is not playing like a top tier QB, especially when he has almost identical numbers to Brandon Weeden.

Tennessee Titans (24) at Houston Texans (30)
Tennessee - Clunk!
Houston - Whew! That was way too close for comfort. That clunk sound of that football hitting the upright was beautiful!

San Diego Chargers (33) at Philadelphia Eagles (30)
San Diego - Now that's a high tempo offense!
Philadelphia - You call that defense. Seriously guys, that was pathetic.

Detroit Lions (21) at Arizona Cardinals (25)
Detroit - You see, we really do suck.
Arizona - I don't know how we won that game but we'll take it.

New Orleans Saints (16) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)
New Orleans - That was close but we'll take it. 2-0 is awesome!
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I don't know if our fans can take any more of this garbage.

Jacksonville Jaguars (9) at Oakland Raiders (19)
Jacksonville - You call us a professional football team? No we don't.
Oakland - If we could only play the Jaguars every week we'd go 16-0.

Denver Broncos (41) at New York Giants (23)
Denver - Hey Eli, that's how you play QB bro!
New York - I can't beat my big brother (:

San Francisco 49ers (3) at Seattle Seahawks (29)
San Francisco - That really sucked. I can't win in Seattle.
Seattle Seahawks - Take that Jim Harbaugh. How do you feel Jim?

Pittsburgh Steelers (10) at Cincinnati Bengals (20)
Pittsburgh - Our offense stinks. What was that garbage ball at then end of the game. Check that. What was that garbage throughout the game.
Cincinnati - We beat Pittsburgh at home. We beat Pittsburgh at home.

So that's a wrap. My final observation is an obvious one. The Steelers offense has some issues :)

I hope that next week is as exciting as this week!


NFL Week #2

What was your favorite game of week #2?

New York Jets at New England
St. Louis at Atlanta
Carolina at Buffalo
Minnesota at Chicago
Washington at Green Bay
Miami at Indianapolis
Dallas at Kansas City
Cleveland at Baltimore
Tennessee at Houston
San Diego at Philadelphia
Detroit at Arizona
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Jacksonville at Oakland
Denver at New York Giants
San Francisco at Seattle
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
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