Saturday, September 28, 2013

In a Word - Sports Week in Review for Week Ending Saturday September 28th, 2013

I'm back after taking off the past few weeks. I will try to do this column every week. In case this is your first time reading In a Word; the column is a review of the week's top stories and athletes and teams that made the new. There's one difference to the normal weekly recap that you will see elsewhere; each story is summarized in one word.

This week had some interesting stories and I did my best to sum them up in only one word. Where available, I included a link to the story. I hope that you enjoy this week's column.

Henry Melton - Done

Rashad Johnson - Fingerrrr

Jeremy Ross - Released

Shaq - Owner

Houston Astros - Doughnut

Penn State - Reduction

Nate Burleson - Pizza

Josh Freeman - Benched

Christian Ponder - Cassell

Rob Gronkowski - Healthy?

Alex Rodriguez - Degenerate

There you have it. This week's top stories the way I saw it. My favorite story was the Nate Burleson story. Off all the ways to get injured and have your season go up in smoke, this one is one of the most unlikely ways to get injured. This should be a wakeup call for Nate and other athletes to be more careful with their pizzas.

Visit us next week for another installment of In a Word.

In a Word

Which is your favorite story?

Henry Melton
Rashad Johnson
Jeremy Ross
Adam "Pacman" Jones
Houston Astros
Penn State
New York Giants
Nate Burleson
Josh Freeman
New York Yankees
Christian Ponder
Rob Gronkowski
Alex Rodriguez
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