Friday, September 13, 2013

From Last to First - The Seattle Sounders are King of MLS

Yes folks it's true. The Seattle Sounders defeated Real Salt Lake City on Friday night to overtake Salt Lake for the top spot in the West. The Sounders are Kings of MLS. What makes the Sounders story so amazing is that they've gone from last to first in matter of weeks. They were 15 points out of first place and dwelling in the cellar. WOW! What a run!

I love MLS and more imprudently I love the Sounders. Why do I love them? First of all it's their passionate fans. They are amazing and crazy fun to watch. They pack CenturyLink field every game. The atmosphere is amazing. The fans are amazing.

I've written about Seattle sports fans in the past. They are among the best fans in the nation. They are passionate and they support their club. I become a fan of Major League Soccer after watching a few Sounders games.

They are also a good team and their current winning streak proves that. The Sounders have a big worry. Who do they start? This is a team with Dempsey, Martins, Johnson, Neagle, Rosales, etc., etc.

Tonight's game started off with a bang when Martins scored in the third minute. The Sounders kept on coming at Salt Lake. The action was fast and furious and the fun continued when Neagle put another ball at the back of the goal in the 38th minute.

Salt Lake had few chances. The sounder came at them in waves. The Sounders could have 5 goals tonight. I was hoping for more goals but the action kept me glued to my seat.

I just hope that Seattle can continue playing this well. I hope that they don't run out of gas when the playoffs start. I want the Sounders to have an awesome playoff run that culminates with them being MLS champions.

Seattle fans deserve that. They deserve to celebrate and rejoice. They deserve to have a championship team in their city. They are definitely the best fans in the league.

I know I've stated this but watching a Sounders game is fun. When the game starts, you can hear the fans chanting and screaming. The fun begins before the game has even started and on a great Sounders night like tonight the fun continues until the final whistle is blown by the referee.

Sources: The Seattle Times.

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