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But For Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave the Minnesota Vikings Finally Win a Game

Autographed Adrian Peterson Photo - RB #28 5 TIME PRO BOWLER in 2012 2097 RUSHING YDS 8x10 ColorLondon and Wembley Stadium was kind to the Minnesota Vikings who finally won a game; just barely. I still have a lot of criticism for Leslie Frazier (Head Coach and Bill Musgrave (Offensive Coordinator).

Both these men are inept and useless coaches and deserve to be fired at season's end or before. I will get to that later. Now is the time to celebrate the good aspects of the Vikings today.

For the most part the offense was efficient today and did everything it could to win (despite Frazier and Musgrave trying to hand the victory to the Pittsburgh Steelers). Matt Cassell finally showed Vikings fans what a starting quarterback in the NFL should look like.

Matt led the Vikings on a number of nice drives. He showed us that he has QB savvy and he has an arm to go with his raw talent. Unlike his incompetent colleague, Christian Ponder, he didn't throw an interception. In fact he threw for two TDs today. That ties Ponder's touchdown passes for the season (3 games).

Adrian Peterson (AP) also had a good game and that allowed the Matt Caseel and the offense to move the ball well. AP had two rushing TDs today. AP also rushed for 140 yards on 23 carries. AP is still having trouble at the end of games to get needed yards to extend drives.

I will give some credit to the Vikings defense. They played well for most of the game but once again, like the previous three games, they allowed the Steeler to run and pass all over them. They got lucky at the end of the game when Pittsburgh was inside the ten yard line and driving for a score that would have tied the game.

The defense sacked Ben Rothlisberger. Ben fumbled the ball and the defense recovered. While the defense allowed the Steelers to march down the field at will, they made a huge play at the end of the game to win it for the Vikings.

The defense created two turnovers today. That was huge and the difference in the game.

I don't think that the Vikings defense should have been put in a position to win the game. It was the fourth straight week that Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave put them in that position. They failed to allow the offense to seal the deal. These inept coaches are extremely conservative in the fourth quarter. It burned them in the first three games and nearly did again today.

It's obvious to me that Frazier and Musgrave learned nothing from their losses in the first three weeks. They lost those games in the same manner. They were conservative with calling offensive plays and left too much time on the clock for their opponents to drive the field for game winning scores.

This is inexcusable. In the fourth quarter and especially the last two drives, Frazier and Musgrave blew it. On the second to last drive and the Vikings facing a fourth and two or a 44 yard field goal, Frazier elected for the field goal.

The problem is that a field goal still would have left the Steelers needing two scores. Making a fourth and two would have probably won the game outright for the Vikings. The usually automatic kicker Blair Walsh missed a 44 yard field goal. That gave the Steelers the ball on their own 34 yard line.

On the Vikings last drive of the game, the team was moving the ball nicely, greatly in part to Cassell's great play calling. On third and three, Musgrave called for a running play. Everyone in Vikings land knew that there was not chance that the Vikings would get the first down.

They didn't and the Steelers called a timeout and after a Viking punt, the Steelers had almost two minutes to drive the field.

I'm not sure why a short passing play wasn't called. Cassell was making those types of plays all game long. It would have been the intelligent play since the Steelers were expecting the run.

The defense let Frazier and Musgrave off the hook. These men are useless coaches. Leslie Frazier is an incompetent head coach. The Vikings are handicapped with him as their coach and Musgrave as the offensive coordinator.

I don't give Frazier any credit for being able to make smart decisions. It should obvious that Matt Cassell should start the next game. He gives the Vikings a 100% better chance of winning than Ponder. Something tells me that Leslie Frazier is so incompetent that he won't see things this way and will start Ponder.

I hope I'm wrong and the light bulb finally shines bright for Frazier but that would be expecting a lot from the guy.

All in all I'm happy today. The Vikings won today and the team finally had a starter who knows how to play in the NFL.

Source: ESPN.

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