Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Unforgivable Display of Pathetic Football by the Minnesota Vikings

Today's game between the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota showcased the Vikings pathetic brand of football. The Minnesota Vikings faced the 0-2 Cleveland Browns, widely believed to be one of the two worst teams in the NFL. The Vikings also came into Sunday's game 0-2 and were in need of a victory.

The Vikings had let late 4th quarter comebacks by their opponents in the first two games. The Vikings were ahead in both games against the Chicago bears and the Detroit Lions. When called upon in those two games to make a play or two at the end of those games, the Vikings defense wilted like dried up flowers.

So today, many Vikings fans including myself felt that this was the game to win. The Vikings couldn't lose to Brian Hoyer and the Brows could they? Hoyer had been a third string quarterback (QB). He couldn't lead his team to victory could he? You bet he did.

The first half was a complete disaster for both the Vikings defense and offense. Ponder was atrocious in the first half, throwing an interception and fumbling the ball. The guy was horrible. He was horrendous. He was pathetic.

Adrian Peterson (AP) wasn't Superman which spells trouble for the Vikings. AP wasn't effective at all and even fumbled the ball while running for what would have been a first down. With AP being immobilized again on Sunday, the Vikings were left with a useless quarterback to try and win the game.

The defense wasn't much better. They couldn't stop Hoyer and the Browns receivers from making reception after reception. The Cleveland Browns faked out the defense/special teams today on two fakes. The first fake, a faked punt was converted for a first down and led to a Cleveland field goal.

The second fake was on a faked field goal that was converted for a touchdown. I'm sure that other Vikings fans were like me today. They sat there in disbelief. On the faked punt, I was yelling at the television set while my wife heard me say "watch out for the fake).

I'm not an NFL coach. Leslie Frazier is but shouldn't be. How did his staff allow this to happen? How could they let this happen?

Being fooled on one fake might be a mistake and forgivable but a second one? Is Leslie Frazier that inept of a head coach? Is he pathetic? Is he in over his head? I say yes. I say fire this guy now!

Then there was the second half. The Vikings defense led the way, causing a couple of turnovers and not only pressuring Hoyer but sacking him a couple of times. The good playing by the defense led to 10 points and put the Vikings in the lead by 3 after scoring a field goal with about 3:30 left on the clock.

I know what you must be thinking. The Vikings left too much time on the clock again did they? Of course they did. Again with the Vikings in field goal range and needing about five yards on third down to convert a first down and probably seal the game away, the Vikings elected to run a ridiculous play.

Instead of throwing a short pass to convert, Ponder threw across to the sideline and in obvious Ponder style, he didn't convert. That led to aforementioned field goal with 3:31 left on the clock.

I knew what was coming. I didn't expect the Vikings defense to play well under that situation. I didn't expect them to make a play. I expected them to fold like the suckers they are. Hoyer led the Brows on a drive of about 2:30 and a game winning TD.

There was a little less than a minute for the Vikings to try and tie the game but we're talking about Christian Ponder. He did lead the team into Cleveland territory but wasted tons of time doing so. Then with 20 seconds left on the clock, Ponder threw the ball to the middle of the Field and wasted 10 valuable seconds.

That left 10 seconds for 2 attempts to try and tie the game. He failed on the first attempt. Then there was 4 seconds left in the game and Ponder took too much time and was sacked. That was the end of an embarrassing afternoon for the Vikings.

This team has issues. AP isn't the AP he said he would be (he claimed he would rush for 2,500 yards) and he's failed to run the ball well and with authority and dominance. This was the second week in a row that he failed to rush for 100 yards.

Ponder is a terrible QB and can't throw his way out of jam. He's inaccurate and makes too many mistakes. A half decent QB would have been able to make enough plays at the end of the game to run out the clock.

Sure Ponder scrambled on a few plays to make first downs. Sure he rushed for two TDs but that was the extent of his success. Ponder failed to throw for a TD this week. That leaves him with 2 TDs and 5 interceptions on the season.

This is a throwing league and Ponder is failing miserably. I'm sure the inept Frazier and Vikings management will continue to play Ponder for at least two more games. When they're 0-5 in a few weeks maybe the light bulb will light up. Don’t count on that, we’re talking about the Vikings.

The Vikings need a change at quarterback and a change at the head coaching position. Frazier was outsmarted and out dueled today. This game was an embarrassment and a complete and utter failure.

At the beginning of the season I thought that the Vikings might win 6 games. They will be lucky to win 3. This team is atrocious. It's a disaster and they are a joke. This is not the way an NFL team should be playing. The Vikings need to make a lot of player personnel decisions but the first one should be the demotion of Christian Ponder!

Source: CBS.

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