Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Disgrace in Chicago - The Vikings Defense Played Like Misfits at the End of the Game

It was all going well for the Vikings. Ponder actually showed some skill in the 4th quarter of today's game against the Chicago Bears. He led them to two Field Goals by driving the field on a couple of occasions. The Vikings had played a pretty good game on both sides of the ball. The defense caused some turnovers (2INTs and 2 fumble recoveries).

There was less than 3 minutes to play and the Bears had go 66 yards to win the game. They did on some big plays and a flat Vikings defense who threw this game away at the end. They didn't pressure Jay Cutler. They didn't do much but allow Jay Cutler to have one good drive in the 4th quarter that BBQ'd the Vikings.

Where was the defense? Where was the defense? Another observation that I'd like to make is why were the Vikings content on only getting field goals on their last two drives? They were ecstatic with a 6 point lead but have they been sleeping the past week? This was an Ideal situation for Jay Cutler who had an average game until that point. Where's the Vikings killer instinct? They have none. They are wimps. They have no backbone.

When you play conservative football, you are fighting with fire and you're going to get burned. That's what happened today. This was the Vikings game to win. The only way that the Chicago Bears could win was for the Vikings to hand them a victory on a silver platter.

It is clear to me that the Vikings have a defense that can't close the deal. You have one game and maybe the only one all year where Christian Ponder put the team in a position to win a football game and then the Vikings defense does what it's great at doing; that's allowing a team to drive almost 70 yards and make the defense look terrible.

The Vikings are in big trouble. They need lucky plays to be in a football game. There is something seriously wrong with our coaching staff. It's time for a big change in Vikings land. This was a disgusting way to lose a game. It's terrible the way they lost. It's embarrassing the way the team lost.

The other thing that was garbage was the team's special teams that couldn't stop Devin Hester. Time and time again he got great kickoff and punt returns. Where's the special team's ability to make a tackle or two? It's non-existent.

The sad thing is when Chicago got the ball for what would be their game winning drive, I said to myself, watch this Vikings defense give them the game. Jay Cutler isn't that good a QB. He's average at best. So the Vikings contained him for most of the fourth quarter and they allowed the guy to dissect them on the last drive.

The Vikings defense was skewered today and the pain for Vikings fans continues. It was a horrible way to finish the game. This loss is on the Vikings and the inability of Bill Musgrove to create enough plays on the last couple of drives to set up a touchdown.

Maybe next time the Vikings march the field on two consecutive drives on the road; Musgrove will go for the win and understand that touchdowns win games. Ticky tacky plays that lead to field goals don’t win games. It's sad because Musgrove gave Ponder enough plays today to get the job done and not make a total disaster of himself (except for the pick six that he threw).

I'd like to make one last point. While AP had one good run for 36 yards he was basically ineffective today. Hey AP, you're not going to get 2,500 yards this year. I know that AP has done his fair share but when you make boastful comments about running for 2,500 yards, you need to play well.


Vikings Lose to Bears

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Christian Ponder
Adrian Peterson
Vikings Offensive Line
Vikings Defense
Vikings Offense
Bill Musgrove
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  1. That's one pissed off homer right there.

    1. Yes I am but that's what being a Vikings fan will do to you :)

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