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2013 NFL Picks - Week #4

Colin Kaepernick Signed Photograph - 8x10 Mounted MemoriesI'm back with my weekly picks. Last week's picks didn't go well for me. Out of the six games picked I only got three correct. Last week had some upsets and weird results. I don't expect much to change this week but we'll have to see.

Thursday Night Special - San Francisco 49ers (1-2) at St. Louis Rams (1-2)
Both teams need to rebound from big losses in week three. Kaepernick suffered his worst loss as an NFL starter and he hasn’t been playing well in the past two games. Many 49ers fans expected that their team would be 3-0 heading to St. Louis.

The 49ers were manhandled last Sunday in a huge upset by the Indianapolis Colts. This is a big game for the 49ers and I hate to say that this is a must win but being 2-2 versus 1-3 is a huge difference. Kaepernick needs some confidence.

The Rams had big expectations heading into the season. Many experts thought they could be the biggest surprise in the NFC this season. That hasn't materialized yet. While they won in week #1 at home against the Arizona cardinals, they have slipped since then. They seem to have a one dimensional offense. They are a passing machine but that's about it. They can't run the ball. They are ranked 29th in rushing.

The Rams defense is also suspect and they are ranked in the lower tier of the NFL.

I look for the 49ers to rebound form week 3's loss. They will be out to prove that they are still the kings of the NFC.
San Francisco wins 34-13.

Snoozer of the Week - Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) at Minnesota Vikings (0-3) (Modified)
Due to news that Matt Cassell will get the start on Sunday, I am modifying my prediction.
Original prediciton
This game will be played across the pond at Wembley Stadium. Both teams are 0-3 and are pathetic. The long flight to London won't help either team and both teams are in dire straits.

The Vikings are saying that Ponder suffered an injury in last Sunday's loss to the Browns. I still think he gets the nod since the Vikings won't admit that he's an awful quarterback.

The Steelers haven't fared any better but their defense does look better than the Vikings. I don't see this being a big scoring affair. I do think that the Steelers are lucky to be playing the Vikings and this will be one of the few games that they win.

Pittsburgh wins this one 21-9.

New Prediction
The wild card is now the Vikings defense. I think that Cassell gives the Vikings a decent chance to win. He can put up points and I think that he won't make the mistakes that Ponder makes.

If AP runs well, Matt Cassell will be able to lead the Vikes on some decent drives. AP is due for a good game.

Vikings win this one by a score of 24-17.

Upset in the Making of the Week - Baltimore Ravens (2-1) at Buffalo Bills (1-2)
Something tells me that there will be an upset in this one. The Bills aren't a pushover of a team and I haven't been impressed by Joe Flacco and company.

While all logical signs point to a big Ravens victory my uncommon senses are telling me to ride the Bulls in this one.
Buffalo wins 13-9.

Wild Card of the Week - Chicago (3-0) at Detroit (2-1)
This is a game that I think can go either way. It's a wild card. We have to take a guess on this one and I'm not so sure it's an educated one. LOL.

Both teams have had close games and have won games on their last drive of the game to win in comeback fashion. Both teams have had battles with their divisional rival Minnesota Vikings. Even though the Vikings are a terrible team, divisional games are tough contests.

I don't see that this divisional game is any different. I think it will be a battle to the end. I think home field advantage plays a role in this game. Detroit wins 35-31.

Lock of the Week - Indianapolis (2-1) at Jacksonville (0-3)
I will continue the weekly tradition at bashing the worst team in the NFL. This is a lock of the week for the Indianapolis Colts. Any team that loses to this bunch of losers should be ashamed of themselves.

Jacksonville could be awarded the title of worst team in NFL history by season's end. They haven't shown me that they possess any strengths or qualities that will allow them to be competitive in any game this season.

Sure terrible teams that seem destined to go 0-16 find ways to win one or two games in the season but I don't think the Jaguars are that team. Indianapolis wins 24-10.

Monday Night Football - Miami Dolphins (3-0) at New Orleans Saints (3-0)
This might look like this will be an intense battle of two undefeated teams but this is the week that the Dolphins get a dose of reality. Miami is a good team and one that I think will make the playoffs but they aren't in the same league as the Saints.

The Saints are at home. Drew Brees is going to light up the dome and the Dolphins.
New Orleans wins 38-17.

There you have it. My six picks for week #3 are in. Hopefully I'll fare a little better than last week. Then again we're entering the unpredictable stage of the NFL season where upsets abound and the uncommon is routine.

Season Picks Score: 3 Correct and 3 Incorrect.

London NFL Game

Which team will win at Wembley Stadium

Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers
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