Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Know You're in a Heap of Trouble When Pete Rose is Giving You Advice

You know you're in a heap of trouble when Pete Rose gives you advice. It also means that you're such a piece of garbage that you need advice from a guy that has been banned from MLB for life.

I'm not saying that Pete Rose is a piece of garbage. Sure he broke MLB's cardinal sin by gambling on baseball but he’s paid the price. Everyone makes mistakes. Pete was not only banished from the game but he has been baseball's #1 disgrace for over twenty years.

So who is Pete Rose giving advice to? Alex Rodriguez and other suspended players. His advice is to come clean now. Pete is right when he says that Americans forgive those that have transgressed. They are if you come clean. If you are a thug like Alex Roidriguez they aren't. If you're defiant like Roid, they're not.

Neither is MLB. Come clean now and guys like Roid might have a chance of being forgiven. If they don't come clean they will be ridiculed, shamed and made to be villains like Pete Rose was.

Rodriguez should feel like a numskull and complete and utter dirt bag for having to receive advice from Rose.

I do think that Pete has been given a harsh sentence and it's time to forgive him but he didn't come clean until a few years ago. That's why he will never be forgiven and his lifetime ban will never be lifted.

Rodriguez's hasn't received a lifetime ban but the likelihood of him playing many more baseball games past 2013 is remote. He might play a few. Maybe. He might be too old to play and the Yankees might not want suit him up in a couple of years.

The fact that Rodriguez has the possibility to play makes me ill. What Alex is accused of is worse than what Rose did and Rose has been banned for life.

I also don't see Roid coming clean ever. Roid will still have the chance to coach again and will be eligible for the Hall of Fame, even if he;s never voted into it.

Pete Rose will never have the chance of being voted in to the Hall. As a player, his numbers on the field make him a deserving candidate. There's that transgression; breaking baseball's # 1 commandment of they should not gamble on baseball that will forever tarnish his career.

If Rodriguez actually tried to tamper with evidence and impede MLB's investigation, that should have been worthy of a lifetime ban.

If I were Roid, I would take Pete's advice. At the very least, Pete knows first-hand what it means to be defiant and not admit your transgressions. When he finally did, it was too late.

Pete Rose Offering Advice

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