Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why is Tim Tebow a Sports Headline?

Article by Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Tim Tebow was released by the New England Patriots on Saturday. This move was expected. Tim Tebow didn't do enough in the preseason for the Patriots to consider him a viable option in the regular season. Tim Tebow isn't a strong enough quarterback and the Patriots rarely have three quarterbacks on their roster.

With that being said, Tebow has received a lot of negative comments on sports sites and boards in their comment sections. Many of the comments that I've read ask two repetitive questions: Why is Tebow relevant and why is Tebow a headline?

I think it takes a number of things to make the sports headlines on sties like ESPN, Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated. The story has to be newsworthy and interesting. The story has to be relevant and if the athlete in the story is popular that would be another reason.

Tim Tebow is interesting and popular and that makes him relevant and newsworthy. While Tebow is a polarizing figure he has many fans. People love Tebow and for many of his fans it doesn't matter how good his mechanics are. Tebow is a good guy. He looks at the positive and he's grounded. Why wouldn't we all love for Tebow to be successful?

With all the prima donna players out there and players who break the rules and the law, why wouldn't we want to support a guy that does the right things, acts the right way and is a good employee and teammate?

I understand why people believe that there's no place for Tebow in the NFL. That is a debatable and valid point but to want a guy like Tebow to fail? That's absurd and ridiculous. Maybe those same people want Aaron Hernandez to be back on the field. That way he can allegedly gang bang and murder innocent people. Now that's a guy to love.

Tim Tebow's season was wasted by the incompetent Rex Ryan last year. They allowed Tebow to waste away on the bench. Shame on Rex Ryan and the New York Jets. Shame on them!

This preseason we saw that Bill Belichick gave Tebow a chance and Tebow was provided with the necessary guidance and tutelage that he should have had years ago.

So here we are with the Patriots making the right decision to cut Tebow and also leaves Tebow sitting on the sidelines without a team that wants him.

Tebow's mechanics have improved but not greatly enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. With that said, there is one thing that I don't think is debatable and that's that Tebow is a winner. He might look terrible playing the QB position but he finds a way to win critical games.

He's a winner and a guy who has a great work ethic. I hope that Tim Tebow finds a home in the NFL. I believe that he's great for the NFL. He's the type of guy that I can't help but liking. Forgive me for saying that but I like a guy who is loyal to his team, his players, the fans and the coaches he works for.

I like a guy that doesn't get in trouble. I like a good down to earth human being. In those areas, there are few players who can compete with Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow Released

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