Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Victoria Duval Wins in Major Upset

Article by Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Victoria Duval is a Haitian-American who was born in Miami but spent most of her childhood (until the age of 8) in Haiti. Duval is 17 years old but what she has endured in her life gives her perspective. That perspective has shown her that tennis is just a game. She seems to want to take each moment as it comes and she wants to enjoy her time at this year’s US Open.

Victoria Duval is a breath of fresh air. It made feel good after listening to her post-match interview after her major upset over Sam Stosur in the first round of the 2013 US Open on Tuesday night.

She renewed my faith in professional sports. Maybe there are decent professional athletes after all. Duval young and innocent. She's an adorable young woman but she has a history that has made her grow up so fast.

Her father almost died in the 2010 Haitian earthquake. He was saved from under rubble, after the earthquake hit Haiti. Victoria is so grateful that he was there to see her great victory over the 2011 champion Stosur.

Duval's youthful approach to the game, match and post-game interview was infectious. Duval is infections. As I said she is a breath of fresh air and that's because we've been bombarded by disgusting sports stars the past few months.

From Aaron Hernandez to Alex Rodriguez, from Ryan Braun to Lamar Odem, we've been bombarded with news about sordid behavior. We've been bombarded by athletes who seem to be liars, degenerates and sociopaths.

Now comes a feel good story about a young American who's endured some of life's tragic events but uses that experience to play her heart out in front of her supporters. How can't we love this story and this athlete?

Duval had so much fun on the court and displayed tons of emotion throughout the match. It was youthful emotion. It was watching the innocence of professional sports that is rarely seen these days.

That interview after the match was fun to watch. It was nice seeing a young woman who wasn't ashamed to display her love for having fun and enjoying the moment. It was a moment that can only be displayed by a teenager. That type of innocence can't be displayed by her older competitors. They've already been clouded by their experiences in life and professional sports.

Let's take some time to enjoy this moment and other moment sand memories that Duval has in store for us in the next couple of weeks. Duval is a tennis player that doesn't come around so often. After this tournament, if we see Duval in next year's US Open, we will see an older, more mature and slightly different player. That's inevitable.

Let's take this in. We have so many stories that display the worst in human character. For once we have a story that displays what is right about sports.


Victoria Duval

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