Thursday, August 1, 2013

Uttering Racist Words Should Be An Automatic Ban From The NFL

A video went viral yesterday that caught Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper uttering the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert. Riley should have been suspended by the NFL he but won't be. Instead he will receive sensitivity training.

Are you kidding me? Didn't he know that it was wrong to utter racist comments? My guess is that he didn't care. My guess is that he’s been and always will be a racist. What good is sensitivity training going to do?

I believe that Riley Cooper's actions rise to the level of being banned. Isn't this against the NFL's conduct policy? I sure think so. That's just my opinion.

Is Cooper a total imbecile? I think he is. I also think he’s a bigot. This guy should have known better. I think he should join San Diego mayor, Bob Filner in being banned from their jobs. Both seem to be utterly clueless about how to be a decent person.

So what did he say?  He said:

"I will jump that fence and fight every (N-word) here, bro." (USA Today).

This isn't just uttering a racist comment, it's violent in nature and as I read the quote over and over again, I see a picture of an angry and hateful young man, who seems to hold hatred towards African Americans". This was a horrible comment.

Why won't Roger Goodell of the NFL punish him further? Apparently the NFL doesn't take any further action when a player is punished at the club level. Come on Roger? That is nonsense. What's wrong with Roger Goodell.

The Eagles fined the guy. That's not enough. He should have been suspended. The Eagles didn't act appropriately. Goodell should have set things right. He needed to send a message that this type of behavior would never be tolerated.

The NFL and Roger Goodell should be ashamed of themselves. Is he supporting racist behavior? It sure looks like it to me. Roger is showing himself to be a gutless human being and commissioner.

I think that if Cooper would have been suspended, it would have sent the right message to NFL players and fans. It would have sent a message to other racist players.

It's a free country and people can say what they want but they don't have to be accepted by society or their industry. Cooper's industry is the NFL. They have now created a culture of supporting horrible behavior, racist behavior.

The NFL made a horrible situation even worse by looking the other way and not taking action against Cooper.

Goodell's inaction has probably angered many players. The vast majority of the NFL is African American. How will Goodell ever gain respect from the players? I don't think he can. I don't think he can.

Can Cooper recover from this? I think he can but he will take time and he will have to change his racist behavior. He will need to show his teammates and his fellow players that he's a changed man.

What Roger Goodell can never change is that he stood by and did nothing after an NFL player was caught making racist comments.

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