Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tiger Can't Win When it Counts

I'm a Tiger Woods fan. Until this week's PGA Championship, I thought Tiger would be able to win a PGA major tournament int he near future, even if it wasn't the PGA Championship. Tiger has done well this year but has looked like an amateur in major tournaments.

Tiger hasn't even competed in those tournaments and this major has been a complete nightmare. It's been a disaster. I believe Tiger is still the #1 player in the world but winning a major has been impossible for him, in a year that has seen him playing the best golf in 4 years since his sex scandal.

Watching last week's WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, it seemed as if Tiger was the Tiger of old. He seemed to be make every shot and his green play was excellent. He reeled us in. We became believers in his abilities on the course. We thought, maybe just maybe a major tournament was going to be won by Tiger.

While we had thoughts and dreams of Tiger winning a big tournament, a major again, Tiger slipped back into being cursed at the majors. As good as he was in major tournaments when he was in his prime, he is equally as bad today in those tournaments.

It's one thing not to win and quite another when you stink up the course with garbage golf. For the #1 player in the world to play like former PGA golfer John Daly is sad. It's pathetic.

Tiger Woods shot 3 over par 73 in the third round on Saturday at the PGA tournament. This bad round of golf puts Tiger in a tie for 74th place. You don't have to blink or rub your eyes. You are reading correctly. 74th place for the #1 golfer in the world is pathetic.

While I'm sure Tiger will win many more tournaments in his career, I'm uncertain if Tiger will ever win another major tournament. His quest to set the record for most PGA major victories, overtaking Jack Nicklaus’s seems like a pipe dream now.

I think that Jack can feel pretty comfortable that his record will stand, especially with the atrocious golf that Tiger is dishing out in major tournaments these days.

At this time I think the problem are in Tiger's head. I think he has the ability but the confidence isn't there. As a fan it's frustrating seeing him play well in regular tournaments and then falling apart when it counts in the majors.

I think this should be a lesson to all of us to never make Tiger the favorite again entering another major tournament. I don't think he's playing like a favorite.

So what does Tiger Woods need to do to win another major? I'm not sure. If it's a confidence issue and the troubles are mental not physical, he needs to seek help from a professional who can help him deal with those issues. I'm sure he's already doing that but a trip to Tony Robbins doesn't seem out of the question, does it.

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