Friday, August 2, 2013

The Other Side - The Riley Cooper Story

Yesterday I was extremely critical of Riley Cooper and the NFL. I'm still standing by my criticism of these parties but I want to take a different approach today. It's one that starts with healing and hopefully leads to forgiving the young man for his terrible and hurtful comments. Those are comments that can polarize the NFL community.

We all need to admit that Riley Cooper has not ducked away from the criticism. Right from the start of being criticized he was contrite in his apology and he done so again. He hasn't made excuses for his actions and really does seem sincere in his approach to changing behavior. He is going to be going to sensitivity training to deal with his issue(s).

I am going to back off a little bit, in the hopes that Riley does change his ways and does work to being a better human being. I think if he meets those goals and shows that he not only apologized but changed, he deserves to be forgiven.

Isn't that what it's all about? It's about making an honest and truthful apology (which he did), seeking change and then changing. Riley is on his way. Today he issued another apology.

As I said, I stand by my criticism of Cooper and believe he should have been suspended but if he changes he deserves to be forgiven.

Americans have forgiven people who've done much worse than Cooper. Why shouldn't he deserve the same sympathy if he changes? I believe he should receive the same forgiveness and sympathy...if he changes. If he truly changes.

I also stand by my comments that I don't think that sensitivity can change a guy. That change needs to come from within. He's the one that has to work for change. Before he made those racist comments, he must have known that those types of comments were racist. He still said them and now he has to face the consequences.

There will be players who never forgive him. That's life. I thought that those who fight racism work for change and forgiveness. If that is true, they should forgive Cooper if and when he changes, otherwise their work is disingenuous.

Riley Cooper and Forgiveness

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