Friday, August 23, 2013

The Only Thing More Pathetic Than Ryan Braun's Apology Are His Teammates Who Embrace That Apology

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Ryan Braun's apology was pathetic, scripted and unbelievable but the only thing that could be more pathetic than that apology are Braun's Milwaukee Brewers teammates who've embraced and accepted his apology.

Ryan Braun lied to his teammates, his friends, his family, his friends and his fans. He used some of these people to discredit the sample collector is his case. He ruined the poor guy's reputation and his fellow teammates embrace that behavior?

I know that some people will say, "What do you expect them to do". I think they should have shunned and ridiculed the cheat, the scumbag , who is has damaged the game more than just about every other player in MLB history player's.

By accepting and embracing Braun's apology, they continue to damage the integrity of the game. What should we expect from MLB players? They are bums. They are cheats and they are people who embrace and love cheaters, drug takers, thugs and rule breakers.

When players support people like Ryan Braun it makes it seem like all MLB players lack integrity and common sense. It makes it look they have no desire to clean up the game. It makes them look like they support the actions of cheaters, drug abusers and scumbags.

MLB is hurting. Fans have lost all respect of the league and its players. So how do the players respond to the fans? They go out of their way to support a guy who cheated, lied about cheating and looked at them in the eyes and professed his innocence.

Then when he issues an apology that is obviously mocking the whole situation and seems that the person who is issuing that apology is being disingenuous they embrace him? That apology didn't look like it was heartfelt. It lacked substance but his teammates embraced the apology.

I'm disgusted by MLB players. They are sad and pathetic. They are mocking the game. They are spitting at the game. They are taking a huge dump on the game. We as fans of the game need to send these pathetic players a message.

We need to stop attending games. The players will not be paid and when we decide to attend the game after the money has dried up, the players will have to take greatly reduced salaries. They haven't earned the right to receive these salaries. They've cheated their way to riches and I feel that they have stolen from the fans who work hard to afford to go to an MLB game.

Ryan Braun's Teammates

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  1. You're a terrible writer, whoever you are. This rambling diatribe is something a high school writer might produce. A bunch of individual thoughts, not a cohesive article.

    MLB is hurting? LOL, you haven't a clue, do you? The game is experiencing record attendance. The league is thriving.

    1. Here's some happy reading for you. You do read, don't you?

    2. Next time use word to check your writing. If you're going to call someone names and write a derogatory post, your comment should be error free.

    3. One last point. You say "whoever you are". You must have failed to notice that on the menu bar at the top of the page, there is an About Us tab. If you had navigated to that page, you would see who Sportmentary is.

      There are a lot of insults in your comment but they lack substance.

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