Saturday, August 24, 2013

The New York Jets Are Bumbling Their Way At Quarterback

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

The nightmare at quarterback (QB) continued on Saturday for the New York Jets who played the New York Giants in their third preseason game. The game took a comical turn at QB through the first couple of quarter as Geno Smith failed to take advantage of an opportunity to show Rex Ryan that he should be week one's starter.

Geno Smith threw three interceptions and only one touchdown and Mark Sanchez became the odds on favorite to start the season at QB. Sanchez who has had the better training camp, just barely, has failed to take a stranglehold on the position. He has been in close battle with a rookie.

With the QB position all but locked up for Rex Ryan, he decided to give Mark Sanchez some playing time by replacing Smith with Sanchez in the... fourth quarter. Don't rub your eyes; I'm not making this nonsense up. It was the fourth quarter. This was a dumb decision. Most football fans will be shaking their heads at Rex Ryan's decision to play Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez injured his shoulder and the extent of his injury is unknown. Why would Rex take this chance? While he doesn't have a reliable guy in Sanchez and there’s a lot of doubt about Sanchez's ability to play decently, he is the better alternative than Smith.

This is a sad situation for Jets fans. They aren't happy with the possibility of seeing Sanchez as the team's QB but it has become painfully obvious that Geno Smith is not ready to be a starting QB in the NFL. He has a lot of work ahead of him.

If Sanchez is unable to start week one, Jets fans will have to shut their eyes. Geno Smith will stink up the field like he has in the preseason and training camp. On the other hand, they probably will see Sanchez stink up the field as well. At this point it's who will stink up the field the least. I believe it's the butt fumbler, Mark Sanchez.

This is pathetic. The Jets had an opportunity of trying to sign a free agent QB in the offseason but elected to ride out Sanchez who shouldn't have even been on the team after his poor play last year. Sanchez is a disaster but is the best option for the Jets.

These are horrid times for Jets fans. Their team is run by bums and incompetents. Rex Ryan is a disaster. The guy is clueless. Why would he play Sanchez in the fourth quarter? That's moronic. It's the type of decision that even a Pop Warner coach wouldn't have made.

Rex Ryan will continue to run the Jets into the ground as long as he's allowed to be Gang Green's coach. They will continue to play second fiddle to the New York Giants as long as they have incompetent people running the team.

I find this hilarious. As an NFL fan that dislikes the Jets, I couldn't have scripted a comedy any better. The organization is a comedy of errors. Just when you thought the Jets couldn't get any more pathetic, Rex Ryan and his band of misfits prove us wrong.

Let's hope this comedy continues this year. Wouldn't a 0-16 season be awesome? It would be great.

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