Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smoking Gun Linking Hernandez to Double Homicide?

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Police have found a gun that is forensically linked to a double homicide in Boston. Police believe that gun is tied to Aaron Hernandez.

Police found the gun in a car belonging to Jailene Diaz-Ramos after she was involved in an accident on June 21st. The connection between Ramos and Hernandez is unknown but I'm sure the two will be connected soon.

Is this the smoking gun that will unquestionable tie Hernandez to double homicide? I think so. I think this current case will go down the same path as Hernandez's current murder charge. Evidence will mount and he will have little wiggle room but for a not guilty plea.

Hernandez has claimed his innocence in a first degree murder charge of victim Odin Lloyd, a friend of Hernandez.

It's very simple for Hernandez to utter two simple words; "Not guilty". It will be much harder for him to hear the words "not guilty". Even if Hernandez were to miraculously be found not guilty in the Lloyd case, he will most likely have to defend himself against a double murder charge.

Time is running out for Aaron. The police are vigorously obtaining evidence that will nail him to his prison bars for life. All Hernandez can do is look at his jail cell. What a far cry from the mansion he was living in just a few months ago.

Aaron Hernandez has to be one of the dumbest murderers (I mean alleged murder) that the city of Boston has seen. This guy didn't take many precautions to hide evidence. The trail of evidence seems to lead directly to the guy.

I'm also assuming that these current cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Will their current investigations lead Boston police to other unsolved murder cases?

Only the police and Aaron Hernandez know the answer to that question.

My advice to Aaron is that he should learn to get very cozy living in a jail cell. He should get used to living in prison. He should mentally prepare himself for the inevitable and that is that he will probably be living out his life behind bars.

If found guilty of these heinous crimes, Hernandez is sure to receive multiple life without parole prison sentences. He would never be paroled. He will rot in jail for the rest of his life and then rot in hell.

That brings me to another recommendation for the Gangster. He needs to make peace with his maker. He should ask his maker for forgiveness and spend the rest of his life acting like a decent human being. Maybe just maybe he will be spared from an eternity in hell.

Then again, what are the chances that a gangster like Hernandez will ever lead a decent life or humble himself enough to have a conscience? What are the chances that he will feel terrible for the lives he's allegedly taken? I'm guessing the answers to these questions are slim and none.

Criminals who murder so easily as Hernandez has allegedly has are void of a soul. They are void of a moral fiber or being. They are rotten human beings. These types of individuals are pure evil. Evil oozes out of every pore in their bodies.

I hope that his case is a wakeup call for the NFL and other sports leagues. If the player that they are recruiting has a questionable past, especially one linked to gang Activity, they need to think long and hard before signing that person.

The Aaron Hernandez case is a sad and tragic one. Lives have been taken and Aaron is alleged to have taken them. Lives have been destroyed and cut short. Aaron had everything to live for. He had a great career, was making tons of money, has a fiancé and most importantly has a daughter who will probably grow up without a father.

It's sad that someone who had so much to live for would do the things that he's alleged to have done. It's sad that he will probably be raising his daughter from a prison cell and not from his home.

Aaron Hernandez Allegations

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