Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ryan Braun is One Rung Above Alex Rodriguez

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Ryan "I'm a Liar" Braun issued a statement where he admitted to using steroids. He apologized for everything he did, issued an explanation for taking PEDs and apologized to just about everyone he harmed. Do I believe his apology? No.

Ryan Braun has spent the past two years lying and throwing just about everyone under the bus. He looked right into the camera and professed his innocence. He damaged the reputation of the collector in his case, Dino Laurenzi, Jr. That poor man was destroyed and ridiculed.

It took Braun until he was backed into a corner to admit wrong doing but the damage caused by this cheat was already done. I'm bothered how he attacked and ridiculed Laurenzi Jr. He made him out to be incompetent and a loser. That's disgusting.

Braun's behavior makes him look like a thug and goon. To make amends he needs to make reparations to Laurenzi Jr. He needs to provide him with a monetary settlement for the damage that he's caused him.

Ryan Braun is one rung above Alex Rodriguez because he decided not to fight his suspension and because he did issue an apology. Alex Rodriguez continues to damage the game of baseball. That rung on the ladder that Braun is on is not very much higher than where Rodriguez stands. It's pretty close.

I'm not sure if there's anything Ryan can do to earn back the trust of baseball fans. His mistakes were huge and it will be very hard for fans to look at him and his statements and believe what he will have to say in the future.

The only thing that I believe in Braun's statement is that he cheated. I don't think it was one occurrence or one season. I believe that if we had a crystal ball we would see that he has been a long-term cheater.

The scumbag was quick to make a public statement professing his innocence, with the media in tow. Now when he's admitting to being a cheater, he releases a statement without doing it in a public setting. He's basically spitting in the faces of Brewers fans.

Braun is a disgrace to baseball but he did do something right with his statement. He admitted that he used PEDs. He's not continuing the charade any longer.

Alex Rodriguez on the other hand has lost any ounce of decency he might have had. With each passing day he becomes a bigger and bigger scumbag.

Ryan Braun Statement

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