Monday, August 5, 2013

Rex Ryan Wants Jets Fans to Give Sanchez a Chance

Rex Ryan wants New York Jets fans to move forward, put the past behind them and give the Butt Fumbler a chance. The butt fumbler is Mark Sanchez who has been booed by Jets fans during practice.

Part of what Rex said was:

"The things in the past are in the past. Let's focus on what we have in front of us." (

So what do Jets fans have in front of them? They have more fumbling, interceptions, bad passes, poor decision making and more butt fumbles to look forward to.

I understand that Rex is trying to protect his quarterback. I understand that Rex needs Sanchez to have a clear head as he competes for the starting job and also if he ends up starting.

I think the booing has its place. Mark has crumbled under pressure and hearing his own fans booing him is sure to add to the pressure he's already feeling. He knows that he has little room for error. He needs to perform now. He won’t be given another chance in New York.

So let's see how he handles this pressure. Jets fans are understandably at the end of their rope with Sanchez. Many fans don't believe that Sanchez should still be on the team.

I don't like the Jets, so I want him to start and stink up the field. The more losses he compiles the better the chances are that the Jets will miss the playoffs and Rex Ryan will be fired.

Jets fans are sending the team's management a message. They are fed up with Sanchez. They are fed up with mediocrity. They are fed up with the fumbling and the embarrassing play of Mark Sanchez.

I think that Sanchez is a disaster. I've said that in other articles. The guy has lost all his confidence. That was obviously apparent last season. With that lost confidence he was more and more incompetent as each play progressed.

Rex Ryan must be in panic mode as well. I think there is little chance that Geno Smith will be the starter in week #1. Rex knows he needs a Quarterback that is confident taking the field. What chance does Sanchez have being confident when he's being booed before the season even starts?

Rex knows he doesn't have any room for error. With each game that goes in the loss column the closer his rear end is to having that exit door hitting it.

With that said. I just want Rex Ryan keep his big mouth shut. New York fans have the right to boo one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. They have the right to demand that a better product takes the field. They have the right to vent their frustration. They know that they have another season to endure and it won't be pretty.

Jets fans booing Sanchez is music to my ears. Let the booing continue.

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