Friday, August 16, 2013

Phoenix Suns Unveil New Uniforms That Look Like Prison Jumpsuits

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

The Phoenix Suns unveiled their new uniforms for the 2013-2014 season and one of the designs, the orange ones looked atrocious. In fact the orange color uniforms look like prison jumpsuits. two out of three nice designs isn't bad, right? Not really, I give the Suns a failing grade because of the orange uniforms.

I thought when the New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their uniforms; other NBA teams would take note when designing their uniforms. It seems as if the Phoenix Suns and the people designing their uniforms never noticed the Pelicans uniforms.

It looks as if the Suns were trying to outdo the Suns unis by designing the Orange jumpsuits. Actually, it's almost impossible to design a uniform worse than the Pelican's uniforms and the Suns didn't.

I being a little harsh about calling the orange unis jumpsuits. Actually they look like summer prison jumpsuits. I don't think there are any but these ones can provide the Arizona penal system with a great idea for new prison jumpsuits.

I think if the uniforms didn't have sleeves and those orange shorts were designed just a little differently, they wouldn't look like jumpsuits. It's the shorts that make the orange uniforms terrible. It's laughable. Had the organization made a couple of changes with their design, all the uniforms would have been excellent.

I can't imagine going to an NBA game and seeing those atrocious looking orange unis. I can't get the jumpsuit image out my head. I can't stop laughing when I see them. They are horrible.

Did I say that they are horrible? Yes, over and over again. I'll just say it one more time. Those Phoenix Suns orange uniforms are ugly and horrible.

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