Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not So Incognito - Richie Incognito Knocks Out Security Guard

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Miami Dolphins player Richie "Not So" Incognito has gotten himself into more trouble. Incognito has a checkered past when it comes to getting into trouble. is reporting that Richie punched and knocked out a security guard after a late night out at a Miami nightclub.

Does this goon think that he's a professional boxer? Maybe he should retire from football and take up boxing full time. That way he can take out his aggression in a legal manner. This guy has serious issues and he obviously finds it hard to keep his anger issues in check.

That behavior tells me that this thug isn't taking his profession seriously. It tells me that he isn't a professional. It tells me that this guy doesn't belong in the NFL.

Apparently the Fountainbleu has videotape evidence of the incident but the NFL is yet to see it. Doesn't law enforcement want to see it? I would think so. It seems like this out of control aggressive punk is being protected. Why? If this guy isn't dealt with, he might move on to more serious crimes. What will the NFL say then? What will the Miami Dolphins say then?

I would say that the NFL and Miami Dolphins would be responsible if Incognito committed a serious crime. They have a chance of dealing with this thug. Isn't knocking out a person a serious offense?

Is this the type of goon the Miami Dolphins want on their team? Are the Dolphins trying to be the Miami Hurricanes?

In the article, it is mentioned that a friend of Incognito says that the player was hit first. That might be the case but I'd like to know what he did (if anything) to warrant being punched. I do find this hard to believe. You would think that a guy who hasn't been a stranger to trouble would have decided not to retaliate.

My guess is that this troublemaker was a willing participant in this violent incident. I think that this guy needs to be held accountable for his actions. He needs to be charged with a crime and if found guilty, he needs to be put in jail. That's where criminals belong.


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  1. the hotel has a security tape to reveal the the truth ,the fact is that if this action continues for the dirty player , will be on the police and the hotel security not the NFL,
    if the tape showed the dirty player out of control and the aggressor then NFLcould deal with it ,w/out it hear say ???

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