Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NCAA Drops the Ball With Kerwin Okoro Transfer Decision

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Kerwin Okoro wanted to use the NCAA's hardship waiver to transfer to a school near his family. He wanted to be near his family, since his father and brother recently died. The NCAA has denied the transfer and his hardship waiver request. The reason? Apparently the hardship waiver only applies to caring for a sick family member.

Are you kidding me? The NCAA c can’t be serious. Where's their heart? Are they like dictators who rule with an iron fist without any regard to the damage they are doing? I think so. I think any rational and compassionate human being will be upset with the NCAA's decision.

That rule might exist but sometimes the spirit of a rule is more important than the letter of the rule. The NCAA could have shown that it was a decent organization. Instead it has shown itself to be run by a bunch of heartless aholes. They people who made this decision (if it was based on the letter of the law stated above) are bunch of ignoramuses. They are void of moral character.

These people are sick, depraved and disgusting people. The NCAA should be ashamed of itself. This is an organization run amok. The NCAA is pathetic. They are run by a bunch of clowns. They are run by people who don’t have any feelings.

How can these people look at their family members without being ashamed of themselves? How can these soulless people look in the mirror?

These people obviously don't have a higher power to look up to. They must hate G-d. I know that this might sound unfair and that there are many people who don't believe in the almighty but I do. I believe I have to answer to G-d. It's not only the letter of G-d's laws but it's about doing the right thing and being compassionate.

Is the NCAA trying to throw its weight around without any care to the consequences of its actions? The NCAA seems less concerned about doing the right thing and more concerned about being the judge and jury. It isn't about fairness. It's about ruling with an iron fist.

They are like dictators who want their sheeple to follow them to the letter of the law. There is no compassion. There is no ability to look outside the rules and make the right decision.

The NCAA is so concerned about the letter of their rules that they are unable to look at a situation like this and make the right ruling. Why? As stated below, the people making these decisions on behalf of the NCAA don't have an ounce of decency or compassion.

How could they make this ridiculous ruling? How could they?

Kerwin Okoro

Did the NCAA make the wrong decison?

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