Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Michael Weiner is a Disgrace to Baseball

After lambasting, ridiculing and attacking Alex "The Roidmaster" Rodriguez, I'm turning my attention to Michael Weiner the head of Major League Baseball Players Association. I've said that Alex Rodriguez is a disgrace to baseball. I believe he damaged the game.

When news broke of Alex's historic 211 game ban, I was watching ESPN Outside the Lines. During the program, it was mentioned that MLB and MLBA were finally working together to rid baseball of cheats and scoundrels like Rodriguez.

I don't believe that at all. MLBPA continues to rear its ugly head, sponsoring and supporting players that are bad for the game of baseball and sports in general. Sure, Michael Wiener is rumored to have told Rodriguez to accept the "right deal" but he could have been a true partner with MLB in ridding the game of cheats, especially Roidriguez, by sending a message, a strong message that Roid is no longer supported by the players.

Many players have ridiculed Roid. Many want him gone. Many hate the dirt bag. So what did Weiner say He said that MLB's ban of Aroid was "way out of line." You know what? Weiner is way out of line and he's a big....well I won't say what that is but look at his name. He's sure acting like a big fat one.

Is Weiner that big of a jack*ss or is he just supporting a piece of garbage at all costs. Does he really believe the ban is too many games? Many fans, probably the majority of them think that Roid deserved to be banned for life.

Not only is it alleged that Roid took PEDs but it's also alleged that he interfered with the investigation and recruited other players to Bosch's clinic. That's not only being a PED user it's being a thug. There's no place in baseball for a guy like Rodriguez.

I want the MLBA head to have big coconuts. I want him to have character. I want him to say and do things that are good for the game. I want him to act in the best interests of the game. Supporting Roidmaster isn't good for the game.

I think that Weiner is bad for the game. I think he's a disgrace and a complete and utter sellout. Instead of trying to protect the game and work to rebuild its character, Weiner would rather support a guy who has arguably damaged the game unlike any other player before him.

Weiner could have drawn the line with Rodriguez by turning his back on him. This would have sent a message to the union that he doesn't want guys like Roid in the game. This would have also supported other players who aren't cheats or have been hurt by the PEDs era.

Weiner didn't consider supporting the other players. He's turned a blind eye to them. He's marginalized them. That's sad. By supporting a scumbag like Roidriguez at any cost, he has decided to align himself with a piece of garbage rather than the majority of the union's players.

I think this is the time for drawing a line in the sand. You either support banning cheats or you don't. Weiner has chosen to support the cheats. I view Weiner as part of the problem with PEDs. Does he really want the game to be clean? If he did, he would have turned his back on Alex Rodriguez.
Michael Weiner

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  1. Weiner's job is not to protect the game, it's to protect the players. I assume the next time you run afoul of the law you'll waive your due process rights, find a lawyer that only wants to protect the law not his client, and accept unprecedented maximum penalty without a fight. Congrats. This will no doubt be the dumbest thing I read on the Internet all day, and it's only 7:50am.

    1. Sure it is but then the MLBPA and its members shouldn't be saying they want to clean up the game and more needs to be done.

      MLBPA can file an appeal but they didn't have to ridicule Bud Selig. They want to clan the game or not.

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