Sunday, August 4, 2013

Johnny Delinquent

I wrote an article two and a half weeks ago about Johnny Manziel and the trouble he's been getting into lately. In that article I opined that if Manziel didn't stop acting like a delinquent and clown that he would jeopardize his draft position when he was ready to enter the NFL entry draft.

It didn't take long for Johnny to make the news again in an unflattering way. is reporting that the NCAA is investigating Johnny for rules violations. The NCAA is investigating if Johnny Manziel received money for signing hundreds of autographs on photos and sports memorabilia back in January.

Apparently, Johnny has retained legal counsel to protect him. Yes, Johnny needs protection from himself. The guy can't seem to stay out of trouble.

In the past few months I've grown to dislike Manziel. I think he's an attention hog but for all the wrong reasons. He is drawing attention to himself for doing dumb things. He's been getting in trouble and he'd rather be partying than acting like his team's leader.

I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny becomes a flash in the pan. He had a great freshman year last year and I wonder if he will be a flop this year. That would be hilarious. He will be a guy that I hope falls flat on his face. He is acting like a clown, a bum and a buffoon.

Ok, Manziel will probably light it up. He seems to have natural talent. So he has natural talent to go along with his obnoxious behavior.

Can you imagine if he is a flop? He would become an instant zero as quickly as he became a national sensation. All his monetary potential would disappear and you would hear the following sound coming out of Johnny's sails...ththththththt!

It would serve this ding dong right. He wants the attention, he wants to act like a delinquent (well he's not acting. he is a delinquent) and he wants to party, party, party.

Guys like Johnny make me ill. They make cheer against them. Johnny is that guy. He's the class clown. His class happens to be his football team. He has a lot of growing up to do and he has to do it quickly. Right now the only attention this brat is receiving is of the negative variety.

Bad luck Johnny. Go out, fall flat on your face and make a complete *ss of yourself!

Johnny Manziel

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