Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jerry Jones Has Lost His Marbles

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

Jerry Jones has lost his marbles. Actually, they might have been lost a long time ago. So what did Jerry say now? He said that Tony Romo has an offensive mind like Sean Payton (ESPN.com). Ha ha ha ha. I would say his quarterback's (QB) mind/ability is more comparable to Mark Sanchez's and Ryan Leaf's.

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Jerry Jones doesn't have a good football mind anymore. Did he ever have one? I think as an owner he did. As a General Manager (GM) of the Dallas Cowboys, the guy is a complete failure and his ability to evaluate talent is laughable. Jerry is a bad joke. Dallas Cowboys fans have to endure the poor product that Jerry puts on the field.

If we look beyond just statistics and Tony Romo's QB rating, we see a guy that has too many turnovers and has been a failure in the playoffs. Sean Payton on the other hand has led the Saints to a Super Bowl championship and has had much more success in the playoffs.

Romo is a crap shoot. He has moments of greatness and moments of embarrassment. So how did Jerry reward Romo for his failures? He gave him a lucrative contract extension. Now we know why? He thinks Tony "Oh No" Romo is one of the greats. He thinks Romo has a brilliant football mind.

This might just be another media stand by JJ. The guy is an egomaniac and loves the spotlight. This was a great way to get it. You have nincompoops like me writing about his comments. JJ probably doesn't care if the press or bloggers lsay negative things about that lunatic.

As far as he's concerned any exposure is great. The problem with this logic is that the Cowboys are considered America's team. They have a rich history and a winning history. Jerry should respect that and conduct himself like a winner and not a clown.

The Cowboys don't need press. They get it automatically, because they are a popular team. By saying ridiculous things like JJ loves to do, he makes the Cowboys look like a third rate team.

As I've mentioned on a number of occasions, Jerry Jones the owner needs to fire Jerry Jones the GM. He needs to bring a competent GM into the mix; someone who can turn the Cowboys into a championship type team.

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