Monday, August 5, 2013

Is Aroid's Suspension Enough?

Alex "Roidmaster" Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games this afternoon by MLB. His suspension starts on Thursday. Unlike other players who accepted their bans, this egomaniac has decided to fight this suspension.

Roidriguez isn't saying he never took the drugs. He's arguing against the length of the ban. It is believed that he believes a 50 game ban is fair.

The problem with Alex's thinking is that it is alleged that he tampered with MLB's investigation and recruited players to the Bosch clinic.

He has the right to fight the suspension in the hopes that the ban will be reduced. For the Roid, it's all about money has nothing to do with the integrity of the game.

Alex is a punk. He's a piece of garbage. He's the scum that sticks to the street, the type that won't go away, and the type that keeps on outlasting his welcome.

The question today, is it enough. From a personal opinion standpoint, nothing less than a lifetime ban is fair. 211 games is nothing for what this goon is alleged to have done. Baseball fans need to look at the face of this horrible person, while attempting not to vomit all over the place.

From a logical and pragmatic standpoint, MLB probably had no choice. They know that a 211 game ban is the longest in the history of the game. They probably believe that the arbitrator, who will hear Rodriguez's appeal, would look at a lifetime ban as overkill.

An arbitrator might still educe Alex Rodriguez's penalty but if to do so would further undermine the game and upset the majority of fans that pay to watch MLB.

My guess is at the very least, Rodriguez will receive a 150 game ban. I'm hoping that the arbitrator uses common sense and upholds the ban.

If Roid's ban is upheld he will be banned through the end of the 2014 season. It would likely end the piece of horse manure's career. We can only hope that that's the case. Let's hope that the remaining part of this 2013 season will be the last time we see this cheat take the field again.

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