Thursday, August 15, 2013

Greatest Golf Scenes of All-Time

By Phil Oscarson (Guest Poster)

With all of the major championships done for the year, it’s tough to find some quality golf to watch. There are a lot of good movies with golf clips, there are also a lot of bad movies, though. After a lot of searching, thought and deliberation, We’ve come up with the top 10 golf movie moments, so that you can get your golf fix while we wait for next year’s big tournaments.

10. The Greatest Game Ever Played
In an emotional playoff in the 1913 U.S. Open, underdog Francis Ouimet won the hearts of the country and the golf world, by beating heavy favorites Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. This scene shows a nervous Ouimet line up for his tournament deciding putt, when he decides to back away. His bite-sized caddy, Eddie Lowery, comes over and in his infinite wisdom advises Ouimet to, “Read it, roll it and hole it.”

9. Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius
12 years after Ouimet had won the U.S. Open, amateur Bobby Jones made his appearance in the same tournament. Jones, played by Jim Caviezel, showed to us all the importance of sportsmanship. Jones unintentionally made his ball move, and called a one stroke penalty on himself for doing so. Ironically, he would go on to lose the ‘25 U.S. Open by one stroke.

8. Happy Gilmore

I have no idea how they got Bob Barker to agree to do this scene, but we all should be glad that he did. Seeing Bob Barker beat the tar out of Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) is one of the funniest moments in golf movie history.

7. Animal House

When the Delta frat boys decide that they don’t want Niedermeyer talking to their pledges like that, they decide to take action into their own hands. After a nice hook and a slice, we even get a nice lesson on how to properly hit the golf ball. On your next golf outing, try not to hit anyone in the head unless they’re wearing a helmet.

 6. Jackass: The Movie

The crew takes their shenanigans to the golf course, where they hide in the trees and blow an air horn when someone is in their backswing. While no one we know would do this, it’s still pretty funny to see the golfer’s reactions. Some of the golfers are a little jumpy, while others turn to threats. If this happened to any of us, I’m sure we’d have a similar reaction.

5. Tin Cup

Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner) is a local legend. It seems like he can do anything with a golf club. Golf pro, Don Johnson, is one of the few people that can get under McAvoy’s skin, though. McAvoy challenges Johnson to a bet, using only a 7-iron, and it turns out differently than many people thought it would.

4. Swingers

The 1996 film “Swingers” features two goofballs out on the golf course. This is probably the clip that best resembles all of us. They struggle to get the ball on the green, and once they’re on, they’re forced to three or four putt. Anytime it takes you a solid ten seconds to count up all of your shots, you know you’re a poor golfer.

3. Get Smart

This is not the first movie that people think of, when they think of great golf movies. This clip, however, is a great one to watch. A quirky secret agent (Steve Carell) is driving his boss through a golf course, while his boss is instructing him to watch out for obstructions in his path. Watch out for the swordfish.

2. Caddyshack

The Bishop forces Bill Murray out into a storm, to get a quick 9 holes in. With a huge rainstorm crashing down on them and a chance to break the club’s record, Murray urges the Bishop to keep playing. On one of the last holes, the Bishop putts the ball just a little too hard, curses, and we’ll let you see what happens from there.

1. Tin Cup 2 (WARNING: This scene contains some explicit language).

This is among the greatest endings of any sports movie. With 235 yards to go on the 18th hole, McAvoy has to sink this shot, or else he’s disqualified from the U.S. Open. The ever confident McAvoy tells his caddie that he “can make it over (the water hazard)”. Kevin Costner is the man.

Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer and golf analyst who writes for BleacherReport and He’s still trying to convince his wife to let him install a putting green in his backyard.

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