Monday, August 12, 2013

Fan Claims He Isn't A Racist But He Did Throw A Banana At A Black Baseball Player

Alexander Poulides admits to throwing a banana at Baltimore Oriole's player Adam Jones but says he isn't a racist. Yeah right. This guy is either a complete dunce and has lived under a rock for his entire life or he is what many of us think he is and that's a scumbag racist.

Note to Alex: Throwing a banana at a black person equals a person's intent at saying that person is a monkey. Calling a black person a monkey is an insult and racist. For centuries black people have been called monkeys, apes and baboons. This is extremely degrading and yes it is racist.

Poulides claims he was frustrated at how the San Francisco Giants were playing (they lost 10-2), so he reached for a banana and threw it in the direction of Adam Jones. At the very least, this guy is disgrace to sports fans and should be banned from attending MLB games for life.

Throwing a banana on to the field is dangerous. A player can be seriously hurt. It's an act of hooliganism and should be outlawed at sporting events. Alex is a punk and a degenerate want to be sports fan. He's a disgrace to sports fans everywhere. This is the type of behavior that might be showcased at European soccer events but it should not be allowed at North American sporting events.

Poulides should know that throwing a banana at the direction of a black player is racist behavior. With all the media attention these days regarding racist comments and behavior, he should have known better and as mentioned earlier if he didn't he was living under a rock for many years.

I just can't believe this guy. I can't believe he would expect intelligent and rational people to believe this incident was not racially motivated. I believe it had to be.

Maybe this numb nut wanted media attention but I don't think this is the way to get it. If this clown had turned on the radio, read a paper (assuming he isn’t illiterate) or watched the news on his favorite TV network in the past few months he would have seen story after story about a people who had been caught saying on doing racist things. He would have seen the fallout that occurred when that happened.

I blame this guy for being a tool and complete jack*ass. I blame him for having what seems like a grade 2 education. I blame him for not having common sense. I blame him for being a schmuck.

I'm going to sound like a broken record but how can someone in this day and age not know that throwing a banana at a black person is racist? If that is really the case here, this guy had to be so riled up, so angry, so vicious, and so irate and in rage that he did something so stupid. If that is the case he has no place being baseball stadium or other sports facility for that matter.

What annoys me most of all is that we are seeing more and more nut jobs acting like racists and then claiming innocence. At some point we as a society need to ridicule these people and send a message that racism will not be tolerated. A Banana being thrown at a black person equals racism. Plain and simple!


  1. he didn't throw it at a black person, he threw it at the field of a team he is frustrated with.

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