Friday, August 16, 2013

Alex Rodriguez's Inner Circle Accused of Leaking Braun and Cervelli's Name

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

ESPN is reporting that associates/members of Alex Rodriguez's inner circle leaked information about Milwaukee Brewers player Ryan Braun and Alex's own New York Yankees teammate Francisco Cervelli, regarding their association with Biogenisis.

According to the report, members of the inner circle obtained documents that contained Ryan Braun and Cervelli's name.

Alex Rodriguez's attorney denied the accusation. Yeah right and I'm related to the SOB. Actually, if you believe that we're all G-d's children I do have a much better chance of being related to Alex than he has of being innocent.

What should we expect from anybody related to Rodriguez? Alex Rodriguez is trying to dodge culpability for his actions that many people believe are already worthy of a long ban, so we should expect him to keep on denying and denying and denying every allegation.

We should expect Rodriguez to blame others, to claim he's a scapegoat who is being unfairly targeted and punished. Everyone but Alex is to blame in this guy's mind. He's bad for baseball and sports. This guy is a depraved human being.

So this guy is outing his peers and colleagues and MLB is protecting this disgusting punk? They should stop defending him. He has turned on a teammate and a fellow MLB player. I hope that MLB players as well as his Yankees teammates turn against him. He needs to be vilified. He needs to be shamed and ridiculed within the MLB community and he needs to be ridiculed by the public.

This guy is bad for the game. He's damaged it and he's done his best to damage fellow player's reputation. What confuses me is that he is here's a guy who is an accused cheater and drug taker trying to throw other cheaters and drug takers under the bus.

The only plausible explanation in my mind is that Alex is a sociopath. I'm not talking about a criminal sociopath but someone who "lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience" ( Before this latest accusation, I thought that Rodriguez was disgusting and should be banned for life. Now I'm even more convinced.

I think that what Alex Rodriguez is accused of doing to other MLB players is deplorable and unforgivable but I am happy that we're being made aware of this information because it proves to me that Alex Rodriguez has no place in baseball. The guy is a disgrace to the game.

Some people will say that it wasn't Alex, it was his inner circle that leaked the information. My response to that is that Alex should have people in his inner circle that are trustworthy and aren't inept thugs. I don't believe that Alex had no involvement in this incident. I don't believe that the allegations against Alex and his inner circle are untrue.

Alex Rodriguez has no scruples. He'll take everyone and everything down with him, even MLB. In my opinion snitch, rat, punk and degenerate don't even begin to scratch the service when describing Arod.

Alex Rodriguez and Leak to the Media

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