Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alex Rodriguez And His Lawyer Joe Tacopina Are A Match Made in Heaven

By Sportmentary (Editor in Chief)

It seems that Alex Rodriguez and his lawyer Joe Tacopina are a match made in heaven. Both of them seem to be disgusting human beings. Both of them seem to be slime balls. Both of them seem to be trying to avoid the truth by making outlandish accusations.

Alex Rodriguez received a 211 game ban from MLB nearly two weeks ago. Unlike other players in MLB's Biogenesis investigation, Alex "AVoid" Rodriguez refused to take a deal and admit his guilt. Alex Rodriguez has had the opportunity of denying taking drugs. He hasn't done that. Instead he's acted like a piece of garbage.

Tacopina, Alex's new lawyer has accused MLB of being short of evidencee and threatening people to comply with MLB’s investigation or they would be turned over to law enforcement. I don't care if they threatened drug pushers, law breakers and complete and utter degenerates.

I don’t believe Tacopina’s accusation against MLB but If MLB did threaten potential witnesses that they would be turned over to law enforcement if they didn’t work with MLB, who cares? Roidriguez is accused of obstructing an investigation and now he trying to deflect blame by making accusations of his own.

Alex and his slime bag lawyer are trying to create a smokescreen by accusing MLB of bullying witnesses. I believe that Rodriguez diesn’t want the real truth to come out. I think he’s trying to confuse people buy blowing smoke up there *ss. If they are trying to receive sympathy from the public or trying to convince fans not to believe that Alex did anything wrong, I think they are barking up the wrong tree.

Yes, these dogs aren't that smart. Alex Rodriguez looks like a gangster. No, I'm, not calling him one but he's acting like one. I believe he broke the rules, and then tried to obstruct an investigation looking into his actions, denying MLB's claims and making accusations of his own through his lawyer.

I'm disgusted by Alex. I can't stand what he stands for, what I believe he's done and what he's doing now.

If these latest accusations aren't enough, Alex's lawyer has accused the New York Yankees of misleading Rodriguez about the extent of his injuries. The Yankees have asked Alex to show them evidence that proves his allegations.

If he doesn't, I hope that the Yankees sue the scumbag for defamation. I’m the farthest thing from a Yankees fan but Alex Rodriguez’s actions disgust me so much that I’m putting my dislike aside for the organization. If Alex Rodriguez takes the field after this season, it will be a great injustice to baseball. Alex Rodriguez's name being mentioned in association with baseball is a joke.

If there are people who have an image of Pete Rose as being baseball's enemy #1, they should replace that image with Alex Rodriguez. He makes Pete Rose look like a pussycat.

As I've stated over and over again in this and other articles I think that Alex Rodriguez is a disgusting person. I think he's a degenerate and dishonest person. I don't like the guy and with each passing day, I grow to dislike him even more.

I know we'll have to read more garbage from his lawyer in the coming days and months. I also know that I will start to hate these individuals. I do think they are baseball’s biggest enemies.

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