Monday, August 19, 2013

48 Hours Later: Another Loss, Another Firing

By The Comish (Winnipeg Correspondent)

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers fell to 1-6 on Friday night with no end in sight to their 5 game losing streak. There is little point in rehashing Friday’s game as it was more of the same featuring an inept offence, brutal defensive play and no show special teams. 

There were a few glimmers of hope as we try to put lipstick on this pig. They were Max Hall and Terrance Edwards connecting for 172 yards, Aaron Woods showing providing some energy returning kicks and the defense amassing 3 sacks but that is about all that was positive with another bumbling blue performance.

What we can examine is the fact that this loss cost offensive coordinator Gary "Eat" Crowton his job, not that it was a surprise as  he was in charge of an offence that is last in several key offensive categories including fewest touchdown passes (5), average points per game(21.8) and  most Two-and-outs ( 55).

Depending on how you view things it can be said the head coach Tim Burke showed confidence in Crowton by washing his hands of picking the starting QB. He gave that job to Crowton who chose Max Hall.  Unfortunately, for Crowton the result was another loss and Hall failed to show that he is anything more than a work in progress, which is not what the Bombers need at 1-6.

Installing Marcel Bellefeuille as new offensive coordinator is a step in the right direction as he has vast CFL experience and should be an asset to this organization for years to come, if the team plays its cards right and is able to develop a starting quarterback or trade for one.   

The Bombers have been trying for years to develop from within and failed miserably.  They also appeared to miss the boat on picking up Mike Reily who is keeping the Eskimos in games despite their 1-6 record, which is more than can be said for Bombers quarterbacks.

The 31,000 plus fans in attendance on Friday night deserved a better outcome than they got as this game proved that the current roster is unable to compete with the CFL weak sisters.  Having a new offensive coordinator will not change the talent level overnight but he may be able to introduce a new play or see a weakness in the opposing team’s defense that Crowton could not see. At least we can hope it does or we could be looking at a team that finishes 2-16.

The firing of Crowton should keep fans interested for at least one more game just to see if his absence makes the team better or if it is more of the same as they travel to play Hamilton in Guelph ( Tim Horton’s field is still under construction) for a Saturday afternoon contest.

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