Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Ranked Players Dropping Like Flies at Wimbledon

With Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova having been already upset at Wimbledon, top ranked Serena Williams joined the upset club today. We're not talking about being upset by great players. We're talking major upsets.

Serena Williams was defeated by Sabine Lisicki. Prior to today's matches, I thought that Serena was the safest bet of not being upset. How wrong I was. If you're a top ranked player at this year's tournament, it's looking like you have a huge target on your head.

Serena wasn't thrashed but she was beaten by the more dominant player. Is there something in the grass that's causing all these upsets? OK, I'm just kidding but in all my years of following Wimbledon I haven't seen anything quite like it.

Why did I think Serena was safe from the upset epidemic? She lasted longer than the players listed above and she usually is very dominant on the grass. She's also a resilient player.

Now that Serena has been ousted I have no interest in the woman's draw. I love watching Serena play. She's an incredible athlete and tennis player. She's also American and that's a big plus for me.

Besides the Williams upset, I was shocked like other tennis fans that Federer and Nadal were ousted so quickly. In a matter of a week the heart and soul of the tournament is gone. They are now spectators of the most historic tennis tournament in the history of the sport.

Some people like upsets. I do in most other sports but not tennis. The excitement and quality of play at tennis's top players is unmatched and lesser ranked players can’t fill the void. There's one player left who can grab my attention and that's Andy Murray.

Coming into the tournament Andy Murray was the guy who I wanted to win. Now he's my only hope that I can enjoy the next week. I know that my attitude makes me look like a fair weather and bandwagon tennis fan. I can live with that and the criticism that I will face.

I have little interest of watching glorified hacks winning the tournament. Well not exactly. Maybe if one of the lower ranked players grabbed my attention I would think differently and cheer them on but none have at this point.

Once again the reason I might be my disappointed is that the stars are gone. The stars have been gutted. They have vanished into thin air as far as this year's tournament is concerned.

If Murray doesn't reach the men's final, I would probably rather watch equestrian than the Wimbledon Men's final.

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