Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ryan Braun is Disgrace to Baseball

In my opinion Ryan "I love PEDS" Braun is a big fat liar who duped his team and its fans. Ryan's team is the Milwaukee Brewers. The fan base of the Brewers live in a fog and will believe anything their team and players tell them even if it's full of BS. I bet they still feel that the sack of horse manure is innocent. That's like believing that Pete Rose did nothing wrong.

As reports, Bud Selig is likely to suspend Braun and other cheats after the All-Star break.
Recently Braun refused to answer Major League Baseball's questions as to his association with Tony Bosch.

The last time this roid lover was accused and suspended (overturned by a creep on appeal) for drug use he denied that he was a cheat. He made sure to tell the media he was innocent. This time around this poor excuse for a baseball professional refused to answer questions.

My question to Braun is if you have nothing to hide and are innocent then why don't you come clean and answer every question? I believe the reason is that he is indeed guilty and can't answer the questions without it being obvious that he's a PED user.

Guys like Braun make me sick. While I dislike cheats I dislike lying scumbags even more. As I mentioned above it is my opinion that Braun is a cheat and a dishonest person. I guess I might be wrong but I don't believe there's a good chance of that.

It would be nice if Braun comes clean. His reputation is already damaged but Americans are forgiving people. If he came clean now there's a good chance that he will be forgiven in the future.

Guys like Braun are ruining Major League Baseball. Guys like Braun are damaging the reputation of baseball or what is left of it.

I think Braun doesn't have a conscience. He is a selfish man who doesn't care about the truth or the integrity of the game. He is a scumbag in my opinion. He is a disgrace to professional sports.

Just looking at his mug makes me sick. I'm not sure if there are any redeeming qualities of this man. If there are they are hard to find.

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