Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rivera Closing Out Legendary Career (Video)

There are very few things on the baseball diamond that New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has not accomplished or been a witness to during his stellar career. On Tuesday night at Citi Field, Rivera saw something that will likely stay with him the remainder of his life. In the final season of his Cooperstown-bound career, the game’s best closer ever walked onto the field of the rival Mets to pitch the eighth inning for the American League, a game won by the A.L. 3-0. For Rivera, it was a time to soak up and remember long after his playing days end this fall.

Rivera, who went on to secure the game’s MVP award, pitched a perfect inning, but that really wasn’t the story of this mid-summer night classic.

A Round of Applause for the Best Reliever Ever

No, it was the ovation the Yankee legend got not only from the fans as he walked onto the field, but from the players and coaches of both dugouts. All those representing the two leagues came out of the dugout and gave Rivera a standing ovation.

And unlike some professional athletes who always seem to say or do the wrong thing in front of the camera, Rivera, 43, handled the moment with the class and respect we have come to know him by.

On what was a rather dull night of baseball, the Rivera moment was well worth it.

After injuring himself last season in Kansas City shagging fly balls in the outfield during batting practice, Rivera vowed he would not go out that way.

Instead, the game’s all-time saves leader worked himself back to health, making sure he went out in 2013 the way a true champion should.

With all the bad things we oftentimes hear about professional and collegiate sports these days, it felt really good to join Mariano Rivera on Tuesday evening, soaking up memories of the best relief pitcher the sport has ever seen.

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