Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Papelbon Speaks Out Against Puig

Jonathan "I should shut my big fat mouth" Papelbon spoke out about the potential MLB All-Star selection of Los Angeles Dodgers player Yasiel Puig. Paelbon thinks it's a "joke" that a player who has only been in the majors for one month should even be considered for a selection to the game.

In his idiotic rant, Papelbon thinks that it would be an insult to veteran players if a guy with such little time in the majors was selected. Jonathan seems to be insinuating that veteran players who've played the game for some years should automatically be considered for the game over players with less experience.

That is complete and utter boulder-dash. While Puig hasn't been with the Dodgers for a long time he has lit up the field with his batting and has helped the dodgers out of the doldrums into a race for the division title. That's impressive no matter what credentials Papelstupid wants to use.

The clown's selection plan of mediocrity would be just that, mediocre. Papelclown would like to make the game a joke by rewarding longevity instead of ability. It would award inferior players over players who have produced good numbers leading up to the All-Star game.

The All-Star game would become one that is supposed to reward great play to a game that rewards you for the length of your career. In that case why shouldn't the All-Star select 60 year old retired players that had long careers.

Maybe MLB should reward players for the most at bats they've taken in their career, even if their strikeout to hits ratio is putrid and a "joke".

I'm one who thinks that the best players should make the All-Star game. The player's numbers not how many years they've played should be the factor for choosing the game's participants.

While this is ideal I know that this doesn't necessarily work in theory. There will be players chosen due to name recognition and past performance but for a clown of a player to mock a fellow player is wrong. It's also wrong to support mediocrity in the selection process and that's what I think Mr. P. is doing.

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